Thursday, November 19, 2009

Felted Lammys

Felted Lammys Class
Sunday the 22th, 2-4

This is a great first “Felting” class. This intermediate knitting class features these really cute toys that will go in a stocking OR on your desk as a statement about where you would be in you weren’t at work … . . This will be a "kit class", you'll get all the supplies in class. This is a great way to sample doing a small project without getting stuff with that awkward extra ball of yarn. Join Dena at the table … . . There is still time to sign up for this class on Sunday the 22nd from 2 - 4.

“After Thanksgiving Day…Before Thanksgiving Day SALE!!”

Hello to all,
Before we begin with the really good stuff…I have to say thank you to all that helped the shoppe out this last week end.

My dad had a heart attack last Friday and knowing that I could literally walk away and leave the shoppe in such capable hands was a HUGE relief. My dad is doing better but we are waiting on the next procedure. Thanks again for all your help, support, concern and prayers.

Now…for the GOOD STUFF!!
You DO know what’s happening Saturday right?

We are offering you the opportunity to save BIG…its our

“After Thanksgiving Day…Before Thanksgiving Day SALE!!”

We want to offer the sale before Thanksgiving so that everyone can come. For those of you traveling…here is your
chance to get some great road trip stash to work on. For those of you hangin around… you get some of your shopping done early! Don’t worry, we’ll be open the Day after Thanksgiving…and we have lots planned for that day too!

Do you know what else is happening Saturday?

We are celebrating our 4th anniversary.

Can you believe it?

You know how we do celebrations…FOOD & FUN. We are serving a wonderful lunch as well as delicious desserts. Plan to stop by from 12 - 2 PM for some really great food.
2 PM is a toast to the shoppe and announcement time…plan to stay after lunch to get the buzz around the shoppe.

Now…wanna save more?

Joining In The Loop is a great way to save ALL the time EVERY time. In The Loop members are gonna save big on Saturday and we want you to be a part…Even if you choose not to join…you’re still gonna be glad you came!
Happy knitting…
Anna Starr
Serving the Crafting Community since 2005

Anna’s Yarn Shoppe

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Elk Grove, Ca 95758
phone (916) 691-3979

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Keep it Covered . . . . . . .

the Ruffled Hat class is coming up and there is still room to join Cyndee on Sunday the 22nd for this beginner knit hat class.

They say you lose 70% of your heat from the top of your heat . . . . . well, let's get that covered!

Amarigumi Club

These are those little guys that live in the window that we keep wanting to hold and show off to the kids.

Join us at the table with Melissa and
The Amarigumi Club
for a great set of toys. This one is a great fun crochet project. There is still time to join her on Saturday the 21th from 1 - 3 pm. These work up pretty quick and will fill the need for some stocking stuffers!

Show White Scarf

This scarf was the class star at the “Christmas in July” event this year … . . Darlene does a great job helping you pick the perfect yarn and get going on this easy but elegant scarf. There is still time to join her on Thursday the 19th from 6 - 8 pm. This beginner project knits up quick and would look wonderful on Mom’s black winter coat!

Friday, November 13, 2009

This top was just featured in Interweave Knits . . . . . it is a top down classy design that is terribly comfortable . . . . . you won't believe how soft the yarn can be and how beautifully it drapes. Join us at the table for this class on Sun. the 15th at Noon to 2 pm.

Join Cyndee at the table for this project. Her class starts on Sat. the 14th at 11-1 pm. This top is sooooo comfortable and is perfect for layering this time of year.

Who did this?

I must be getting old...I honestly don't even REMEMBER ordering this yarn!!!

We just received a truckload of NEW YARN.

I can't believe this much was overlooked. We will begin to put it out on the shelves this Saturday...we will leave a few of each color on the front counter for ohhing & awwing.

December calendar will be available in the shoppe tomorrow and on the web by tomorrow night. Don't forget...if you sign up for a class before December 1st you save 10% on your instructor fee as well as your yarn.

Hope to see you soon.
Anna Starr
Serving the Crafting Community since 2005

The Yarn Shoppe

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hello Yarn Shoppe Shoppers,
Isn't the weather great? I heard it is supposed to rain tonight...YEA. I think we can even do a fire tonight!

Well, as you have been hearing...we have BIG things to tell you... but not yet.
We are going to wait till Saturday, November 21st when we have our big sale! Did you read that...a SALE before Thanksgiving!

We have decided that rather than ask you to come stand here in the dark, in the cold at 3 AM...we are giving you the sale
1 WEEK EARLY. That way those of you on your way out of town have some really fun things to take and work on!!
This will be more than a shopping day...please plan to join us from 12-2 PM for a wonderful lunch, with beverages included .

We will also celebrating our 4th ANNIVERSARY so save room for dessert! Can you believe it...4 years. I'll try not to cry and blubber...
At 2 PM we will be making a toast to celebrate with dessert.

Every purchase of $100 or more will enter you into our Christmas present GIVE AWAY.

Now, for today...we have received a TON of Cascade Pure Alpaca as well as Eco Alpaca... Oh, we also received Cascade Baby
Alpaca Chunky in about 15 colors! I hear there is a hat project in the works for December. Wait till you see what I did behind your back!

You know the drill... In the Loopers...come on in tonight for the viewing and purchasing. We are open till 9 PM.

Enough said...
See you at the table.

Anna Starr

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tonight! Tonight?

here we go . . . . . tonight we're stayin open late! Ya need that knit time away from home to finish up those gifts. We also have two classes going, "How do I - Mattress Stitch and Cyndee's 2nd round on the "Cable Tunic". We all need more "Table Time"