Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Percy, Percy, Percy

Percy appears to have been quite the "ladies alpaca" while he was gone. Can you believe how the women flocked to him. Some 'pacas have all the luck!!!!

Here is Percy, after working at the Youth Aids table.

Playing beer pong. Percy swears the water bottle is his.

Topeka was to get 10" of snow. This is what they got. The boys didn't want Percy to miss out on sledding so they did their best to show him a good time

He found the Wicked Witch. He contemplated taking the Ruby Slippers for him self but he heard they weren't his size.

Here is Percy in his "official" Sigma Phi Epsilon Shirt.
So all in all it appears that Percy has had a good time on his adventure. He is making his way back home now.
I bet I have a better time on my cruise next week. We can compare stories on the 'babes" when I get back

Monday, March 30, 2009

What a Sunday

First let me say that I have heard from Percy. Looks like he has had too much fun at the fraternity in Kanas. They even made him an honorary member!!! I will post those pic tomorrow. He is due home soon.

I wanted to tell you about the AMAZING group of knitters that come into the shop the last Sunday of every month. Stitches From the Heart. At first I thought they were making booties for me. I was wrong. "This California-based non-profit distributes tiny knitted blankets and clothing to precious premature infants in hospitals all over the country. Along with their handmade items, they make sure to send along a lot of love, too." Come join this group the last Sunday of the Month from 2-4. They are always at the big table up front. They left a couple pairs of baby booties behind yesterday. Ask to see them.

Did I mention I am headed out this weekend. I am headed for a Mexican Cruise. Frankie will be in charge. I just can't trust Percy. Hopefully you won't come in and hear Madonna on the CD player. And please let me know if you catch her on the ball winder again.

I have to lay the ground rules. Look fro Percy Pics tomrrow. Oh NO it just hit me. The traveling knit group will be here tomorrow from 12-2. I had better go see what yarn fits in my ears to block their laughter.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Somebody Come and Play

Remember the old Sesame Street song?

Somebody come and play
Somebody come and play today
Somebody come and smile the smiles
And sing the songs
It won't take long
Somebody come and play today.

Nobody comments on here. I think I am talking to myself. Am I that boring? Yeah, I know Anna forgets about me but where all of my friends? There is awesome stuff going on at the shop. Come play with us at the Shoppe.

Classes for April are starting to fill up. You don't want to miss Debbie's Crochet Hat of the Month, or Cathy's cable Scarf class. Dena has her Just for EWE class, there is still a little room left on the knitting cruise for the end of April. I can't wait. Anna may forget to mention me in the newspaper but at least she is making sure I get to go on a couple cruises this month. I promise I am not bitter but I am very photogenic.

I was checking the May classes and it looks even better than April. A new Custom Knit will begin, a new scarf class will be offered maybe 2.

Please stop in and see me. I am usually hanging out at the front counter waiting for the UPS person to bring new shipments or watching for "George Clooney" to drop in.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Simply crushed

I can't believe it. Anna had this wonderful huge article in the Elk Grove paper today. It was all about friendships made at the shop. This is it. It talks about the big table up front and how people are welcome to visit anytime and join the fun. The article was also about how out of a dark time Anna found comfort in yarn. It is an amazing article. But there is one problem. She didn't bother to mention me. There is a picture of her and Peggy and Melissa but nothing about me. What am i chopped liver? don't I rate at least a mention - if not a picture? I thought she loved me. I wonder if Misty Alpaca will muffle my sobs.

Till Tomorrow
The lonely left out

What can i say

Percy called last night. He was a little surprised to find I had been here all weekend. Boy he had some explaining to do.

I can't be too mad. He has had adventures of his own. He has been busy going to classes, volunteering for Youth Aids Week, bowling, playing four square, learning about college life. He was tired of living vicariously thru me. He is hoping for the opportunity to go visit my relatives in Lawrence - I am not sure they will pose for pictures. They tend to avoid the paparazzi.

The Happy Hour Gang was here last night. The projects they were working on were amazing. Cathy started working on a felted flower pot that she will be teaching in April. Anna was working on tops for her daughters for our cruise that is coming up in about a week. wonder if she will have time to make me something stylish before we leave? Several women were in working on their capes from the Custom Knit class. Jimmy was working on a beautiful wrap for someone. He crochets.

I have had my ear to the ground (OK, the office door) and it sounds like Anna has some new things coming up this summer. There will be a dyeing yarn class starting in June. I will let you know when I hear more on that one. It does sound amazing and very fun. Glad Anna didn't catch me at the door - i was trying to make sure she wasn't talking to the shearer. She still thinks I am getting to wooly.

Well, off for a sheep nap before the Traveling Knit group gets here. If I don't get my nap know I won't get it all day.


Monday, March 23, 2009

I can't believe it

I thought I was going to Phoenix last week. Well, my plans changed so I decided to hide in the shop to see what would happen while everyone thought I was gone. At least the humans behaved themselves. I wish I could say the same for the four legged beings in the shop.

In my "absence", my so called best friend takes off for greener pastures of Kansas. Seems to think he needs a week being a a Frat Paca. My sister, at night turns up Madonna,goes for a spin on the yarn baller. I am surprised I still have a job. Thank goodness I was around to restore order. What can I do - they are family. Wait till you meet some of my other relatives. You will think Frankie and Percy are a walk in an Llama field.

Yesterday was the Custom Knit group. I think they were all a little frustrated with the pattern and how much knitting they still had to go. But they all kept a brave face and made jokes about it. There is no stopping those ladies when they get on a roll.

Don't forget tomorrow night is Happy Hour. If you want to laugh until your cheeks fall off, drop by from about 5:30-8. Wonder if there is any beer left from St. Patrick's day.....

Don't forget Dr. Purl and Dr. Hook are on call and willing to help you with any problem. Just give the shop 24 hours notice.

I recieved notice that the Traveling Knt group will be here Wed. Another day of laughter and joking and talking. I won't be taking a nap any time soon.

OH NO Frankie is on the Yarn baller......Must go deal with this......


Saturday, March 21, 2009

What a shock

So like this morning I hear something coming from the totally AWESOME discounted yarn. I saw some fleece peeking out and got a shock. Like, there was Frank!!!!! Seems that someone forgot to take him to Phoenix and he wanted to like check out how PErcy did with out him.

It is, like, FER SURE, that Percy has some explaining to do. Frank left him in charge and Percy like, you know, like hits the road. Frank is NOT happy. Frank tried to convince me that he should like take over the reporting tonight but I was like, no way, I want my turn. So Frank is hanging out in Anna's office trying to see what she has coming up. ( I think he was looking for hair cut appts in her calendar. ) He claims he was looking for calming music. Like, WHAT EVER!!!!

So, anyway I got a text message from Percy. He made it to Kansas. He sent me some pics of what he did on the way. Can you believe, he got to hit the slot machines in Vegas? Frank couldn't even do that in Reno.
He even got to meet the pilot of the plane from Vegas to Kansas. He took the time to pose for a picture before take off.

Percy eating pizza in the airport. He said he didn't like the pineapple.

So like tomorrow at the Shoppe is the next class in the custom knit along. Here is what they are working on.It is like going to be amazing. I keep hoping Anna will make one in my size( petite sheep.)

Well Frank like thinks since he is the big brother he can pull rank and take the computer. He is thinking about setting up a Twitter or Facebook account.

Til next time

Friday, March 20, 2009


So, like, this morning I woke and found a text message. It like said - Francesca: gone 2 KS. Back in a week.

I thought Percy was kidding. Like, who would want to go to Kansas? I am from there and I can tell him what is there. Tornadoes and Jayhawks. He won't find a yellow brick road or Toto.

So anyway, it appears that PErcy has decided to go on his own adventure and, like, see the world (or at least Kansas). He was to take care of Frank's blog. So that means I have to do it. Men, Can't count on them. Have to leave it to a woman. But, like, if anyone can do it, it is me.

So ya know, introductions are in order. Like, I am Francesca, Frank's little sister. Percy is to watch me when Frank is gone. So I guess I am minding the store now. WOOOHOOO, No more Michael Buble or Nora Jones. Let's have some Early Madonna and Cindy Lauper. This sheep just wants to have fun.

Anna taught this really cool class last night. She made a cool green scarf that was made of silk and put fur in it. I need one. Wonder since I am the good sheep, and haven't run off if she will make me one.

Sunday it the Custom Knits Knit Along. Those capes are,like,amazing. I could like totally use one of those in my closet.

Debbie has lots of Learn to Crochet classes coming up. I wonder if I can get her to make me one of those hats (in sheep size of course)

I can't wait for Dena's class Friday. Like, she has this totally awesome class that meets once a month. It is called "Just for EWE" Every month she has a totally cool simple knit project that EWE can keep for EWE or give as a gift.

Well I guess I better break the news to Anna - she is down to me.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Guest Speaker


My name is Percy. I am a Frank's best friend. I am the pink alpaca that sits quietly in the store. Frank is in Phoenix for a few days so I am covering his job. Must be nice. A job where one gets unlimited travel. I guess I can't complain. Although my escorts from the past few days were rather loud and obnoxious, they were very hospitable. But what can one expect from two college boys from Kansas? They did ensure that I had an enjoyable time. But instead of a first class seat on a plane to Phoenix this was my mode of transportation:
I guess I really shouldn't complain. They fed me well:
The day before we went to San Francisco, Phil and McComas took me on a welcome tour of Sacramento. We ventured down to Ft. Sutter. It was a very interesting place. While there I was able to try on pelts. How do think Frank will look in this once Anna has him sheared? It is made of squirrel fur. I did check and they do custom orders so I do think Frank will be OK.
Here is a picture of my tour guides:

McComas and Phil did make sure I saw lots of San Franciso. Check these out:

The last one is my favorite. It was as we were headed on a tour of San Francisco Bay. The boys took great care and tucked me away but they ended up rather wet.

You know, I heard Phil and McComas talk about their home at in Topeka, Kansas. They belong to something called a Fraternity and go to college. I think I may stow away tomorrow in Phil's back pack and go for a little extended vacation. Think anyone will miss me?

Stay Tuned


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pictures, pictures and more pictures

This Anna (my boss - as long as I clear any future "give aways" with her) and Jordanna Page. Jordanna is going on the cruise the end of April as the instructor. I can't wait to see what she teaches (hopefully not shearing 101)

Here I am with Jordanna

Here are Patti and Melissa with the sweaters made in the Custom Knit Class

Betty and Cathy with their sweaters

2 more ladies with their beautiful sweaters - aren't the colors AWESOME?????

Here I am with Debbie while she worked on her Cape for the next Custom Knit Class

Some one distracted Debbie so I could partake in the fun.

Here is the winner of my special give away. She was a very happy lady. Can't wait to see what she makes with her "purchase"

Well I am off to Phoenix now. Percy will be covering for me until I get back. I understand a certain 2 college boys have really shown Percy the town. Yesterday they took him racing and to Ft. Sutter. Today, last I heard he was on a tour of San Francisco Bay by boat. The cell phone cut out but I did hear something about Alcatraz, Sea Lions, and street performers. Can't wait to get home to hear all about it.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I can't believe how busy the store was today. There were shoppers everywhere.

Anna caught me near the Pot and saw me putting in the special reward. She said we would have to talk. Not sure what that means. But we did have some very nice lady pull the 100% ticket out of the pot. Anna was not there when it happened but Pam did get pictures. Anna will get them to me soon.

That Traveling Knit Group. I don't know what to do with them. They had way too much fun today. Can you believe the actually had an Irish beer tasting today. Thanks to the nice lady who went and got it. Plus they brought in Pizza. But NO ONE offered me a slice. I guess they think sheep don't like pizza.

I haven't heard about my departure date for Phoenix. Darlene hasn't been to give Anna my travel schedule. My bags are packed and I am ready. Percy will keep you up to date while I am gone. If he makes it back from San Francisco in one piece.

After the day I have had I think that some soft Jazz is in order. Wonder who Anna has on the CD player tonight.


Monday, March 16, 2009

I think I have been found out

I think I have been found out. I am going to be sheared for sure. What am I going to do? I may have to go into hiding. NO WAIT!!!! I will stand my ground and I won't back down. I will not go quietly into the night. AND I will not go sheared to Ireland.

Speaking of Ireland, I got my itnerary today. I am going to be gone for 2 weeks. I will be
traveling with Pam and her husband. We will be going to Dublin, Waterford, Cork, Kerry and Galway. We will be seeing the Aran Island, and driving the "Ring of Kerry", as well as seeing the cliffs of Moher. I wonder if Pam will make arrangments for me to meet some of my relatives. WOW! a free trip to Ireland and a chance to see where it all started. Maybe they can show me where I am on the family tree.

Well, my friend Percy the pink alpaca, seems to be getting in on the traveling thing. He gets to go to San Francisco on Wedensday. Two college boys are taking him. I bet he will never be the same. Poor Poor Percy.

Anna has been getting ready for tomorrow. Please don't tell her I put the "special" discounts in the pot. Shearing will be the least of my problems. She will have me balling yarn for weeks.

Today to get in the mood she was playing Irish folk music in the store. She was also working on the calendar for April. It will be in the store when you get there tomorrow. In addition to the sale, it is Happy Hour, the Shoppe will be open until 8.

Well I am going to enjoy the quiet - I think I saw some Norah Jones in the CD player.


Relish the Quiet

Sorry I didn't post this weekend but I was under the weather. I asked Percy and Francesca to take care of my duties but they were too busy playing with the Cascade 220 to be bothered with the simple things I ask them to do. A sheeps work is never done.

Pam and her Christmas Stocking Class looked like they were having a great time Sunday. Those stockings looked great. Maybe Pam will make and fill one for me. The Rib Top Knit -a-Long is today.

Tomorrow is going to busy and noisy in the shop. Tuesdays always seem to bring lots of people to the shop and tomorrow is going to be worse than ever - in the opinion of this sheep. I can't wait to escapse and head for Phoenix for a few days.

The Pot Of Gold Sale is tomorrow. Don't forget to stop in. Who ever heard of FREE YARN???? But I have made sure one customer will get just that. The other night I put 2 special slips of paper in the pot. One for 75% off and another for 100% off your total. I think Anna may be on to me. I haven't heard any mention of sheep barbers for a couple days. I think she finally listend to reason. I can only hope.

I have talked to Anna and there will be more pictures of finished products here soon. We will also be posting pictures of items that will be featured in classes. Maybe you will find a project to try or a class to take. Maybe you will be challenged to try a new stitch. If there is something you want to see here leave me a message. Or to let Anna know how you feel about making this poor little sheep bald. I feel like I am talking to myself so please leave me messages.


Friday, March 13, 2009

No one around

The Shoppe was strangely quiet last night. They locked the doors at 6 so this sheep had time to investigate. Gotta find the calendar and see what I can do about this sheep shearing adventure Anna seems to have set for me. I couldn't find it anywhere but I did find the Pot of Gold filled with all the discounts for the sale on Tuesday March 17. I snuck in my two "special" discounts. I hope someone gets a picture of Anna's face when she realizes something is amiss.

I did manage to find the April calendar. The teacher's Anna hires are amazing in what they are working on for classes. I did find out I am headed to Mexico April 4th for a week. Then Anna has graciously agreed that I should go on the knitting cruise later that month. At least she is living up to that part of the agreement. I have looked at my contract and there is NOTHING, I REPEAT NOTHING about getting sheared. Maybe I better check the fine print.

I am glad I am headed to Phoenix next week. There are so many classes scheduled that this little sheep would not get a moments rest. Monday there is the Knit Rib Top knit along, Tuesday will be so noisy, that is the day of the sale as well as the Traveling Knit Group, Happy Hour and a class for knitting a boutique hats. Wed people will be learning how to knit an Angora Baby Hat. That is just the beginning of the week. I am intrigued by Thursday's class. Who ever heard of a Fur and Silk Scarf? Is wool considered fur? I hope not then there will be more people who want me sheared. I really must find out more about this class.

UHOH I hear Anna coming in. Better put things back like she left them. I will let you know what I find out about the Fur and Silk Scarf class.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Traveling knit group

Just when I think it is going to be a quiet day, I got a big surprise. About noon they started showing up. First Cathy, then Julie, then Patti, Jennifer, Ruth, Cindy, and so many others. It was Traveling Knit Group Day. If you haven't heard about this lovely group, let me fill you in.

This is a great, albeit, noisy group of women who pick one day to come to the shop and spend several hours doing what women at the Yarn Shoppe do best. They sit and knit and laugh and talk and knit. Every week it is a different day. They like to keep me guessing. It was good to see Jennifer since I had such a great time with her at Disneyland.

Anna makes it fun to come and meet friends there. The Friendship Table is just that. I have witnessed so many people becoming fast friends while just hanging out.

My friend Percy, the Pink Alpaca, told me he over heard Anna and Peggy discussing something about May and a visit to a sheep barber. What am I going to do? Can someone help me? I like my wool, I don't want to be bare when I travel - I might scare someone. Maybe someone can suggest some place to hide. Maybe once Anna sees the 100% off ticket in the Pot of Gold next week, she will see I am a sheep to be reckoned with and listen to reason. If not I may have to resort to more drastic measures. I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Mark my words I will not go bare to Ireland.

Now where did I put that Cascade Eco? I think it will make a good place to crash tonight.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ahhh, the quiet

I am finally home. I was so looking forward to lounging in the yarn and taking a nap this evening, but I forgot it was Happy Hour Tuesday. The shop is open until 8 so people come to the Friendship table late and knit and laugh and talk and laugh and talk and laugh and knit. They have a great time but they forget some of us need our beauty sleep.

I did hear Anna's plans for the Pot of Gold Sale. All day long March 17 when you come into the store there will be a big pot at the front counter. Anna is going to put slips of paper in it with 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 35, 40, 45 and 50 percent off on them. Once you have gotten your purchase and ready to check out you get to pull a slip from the pot. You will receive that discount on your purchase. She was telling the folks at the table that she thought getting 50% off was great. But I think I can do better. SHHHHH don't tell but I am going to slip a peice of paper in there and it will have 100 % off your purchase. You can't go back and get more after you draw to see your discount and you can't draw until you are ready to check out but can you imagine the look on Anna's face when someone pulls out the 100% off. A FREE purchase for someone!!!! Ooohhh I can't wait. That will teach her to say I have to get sheared before Ireland.

I was also able to hear about some upcoming classes for April. Starting April 18th Cathy will be doing a scarf of the month class. Her first one will also be an introduction to basic cableing. Dena will be having a class on construction and how to sew seams. Debbie will be having her crochet hat class. It meets the first and third Mondays at 11. I wasn't able to hear what other classes will be offered but I know Pam will be having her Christmas Stocking class as well as her afghan square monthly class.

I think it is about time for me to turn on the CD player - I saw some Michael Buble in the office and go climb up in the Misti Alpaca and get some ZZZZ's. Stop in and see me soon


Monday, March 9, 2009

Back in the shop

AHHHH tomorrow I will return to the Yarn Shoppe after a wonderful trip to Disney. I can't thank Jennifer and her family enough for taking me on their excursion.

I am looking forward to lounging some of the new Cascade Alpaca and catching some shut eye. Of course, I sleep with one ear open. You never know what you can hear when hiding among the yarn.

I heard something about shearing season coming up. Anna thinks I need to be sheared before I head to Phoenix. Something about the hot weather and my wool coat not being a good match. I simply can't let Anna get me to the shearer me before I head to Ireland. I would be so embarrased to meet those Irish sheep and not have my beautiful wool coat.

I have been in contact with my sister Francesca and my best friend Percy - he is a pink alpaca. They have agreed to keep their ears open while I am gone.

Have you heard about the Christmas Stocking class that Pam is teaching? Every month a new stocking to hang by the mantle. Boy she sure is a planner - already working on things for next Christmas.

The first Learning to Crochet Class is this Thursday March 12. It is a 2 session class.

PLUS FURLOUGH FREE FRIDAY will be next Friday March 20th. Call Anna and she will make arrangements to teach you to knit. The class is free - all you have to do is buy the materials to make a simple scarf. Can't beat that. Free is always good.

I am hearing something about so many new classes - Just for EWE, Monthly Scarf club, T-shirt/tank classes, Crochet hat club, a new knit along using the Big Girl Knit book, a class in making a really cool purse that has cables. The list just goes on. You can't miss the fun.

See you tomorrow. Look for me in the Alpaca

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Back and then off again

Man, when I made this deal with Anna I never thought she could hold true to her part of the deal. I seriously didn't think she could keep me traveling. But true to her word I am out seeing the world. Who would have thought this little sheep from the Heartland would get to see so much of the world just for agreeing to talk about what goes on at the Yarn Shoppe???

I got back today from Disneyland. I can't wait to post my pictures. As soon as my wonderful hostess, Jennifer and her family, get them to me I will get them up. And man the stories I have to tell from my time there.

I talked to Anna this afternoon to see what was on the agenda for me and was I shocked. I get to go on my first overseas trip in May. I am going to Ireland!!!!! Can you believe it? Won't my siblings in Lawrence be jealous? They laughed and said I would be back on the farm in no time. I guess I am proving the wrong.

When I was talking to Anna I could hear so much laughter in the background. The Custom Knits knit along was in full swing. They have started their second project and had show and tell about thier first project this afternoon. Anna said something about pictures but I couldn't really hear over all the laughter. Those ladies know how to have fun. You really should check out the upcoming classes. Anna says she has some great things planned. I may regret wanting to travel so much. I think hanging around the Shop and lounging in some yarn could have some benefits. On second thought NAHHHH. Anna told me I am slated to go to Phoenix in a few days as well as my 2 cruises and then IRELAND!!! Who could ask for more? Don't forget to book my travel for your upcoming trip.

There are so many classes where do I start? don't forget to sign up for Dena's Mobius Lace class this coming Tuesday the 10th. Also on Friday is the Ocean Breeze Scarf Knit Along. Tuesday March 17th is the Pot Of Gold Sale all day. Anna said something about drawing your own peice of gold from the pot. I will make sure there are some good discounts in the pot to draw from. Hey, Anna doesn't need to know everything I do, does she?But that is just between us.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weekend in Reno

Here I am after a run down the mountain. I forgot how to stop.

AHHHH A nice cup of hot coco after a day of skiing

Can you find me in all my new friends?

Here I am with my new friend Andrew. We won all of these tickets in the Midway at Circus Circus.

I had such a great time on my trip to Reno and I am having loads of fun on my first trip to Disneyland. I can't wait to get back to the Shoppe and tell you about my latest adventure.

Wanna take me with you and get me away from all the yarn? Talk to Anna - she plans my itinerary. I do have 2 up coming cruises in April.

Tomorrow at the Shoppe dont' forget the CUSTOM KNITS KNIT ALONG. It is show and tell day for those who made the sweater as well as starting a new project.

There is also a Learn to Crochet class from 4-6. Come join the fun. And please plan a trip and take me with you. I love to see new places. I don't take up much room, I don't eat much and I am a real people person.


Friday, March 6, 2009


I am here. I signed a contract with the Yarn Shoppe a month ago to become their mascot and the next thing I know, Anna, the owner makes good on her promise to let me travel. I was whisked away to a wonderful weekend in Reno and I am now lounging around at Disneyland enjoying getting to know Mickey and the gang better.

Anna and her crew are so busy at the Shoppe she hired me to run her blog and keep the good people of Elk Grove and Sacramento up to date on all the happenings. In return, I told her my payment had to be unlimited time to travel. Done Deal! She even was kind enough to book 2 cruises for me to enjoy.

I don't have much time but I wanted to let you in on some up coming classes.

Debbie is starting a Crochet Hat Club. It will meet the first Saturday of the month from 11-1. Hey that means the first class is this week. Sorry I won't be there, I will be riding the Matterhorn. Oh well maybe I can be there next month.

Dena will begin her Mobius Lace Wrap class this coming Tuesday from 4-6. If you haven't seen the display you should check it out.

I hear tell of a special POT OF GOLD Sale coming up as well. Wonder what that is all about. Do you really think Anna will sell a POT OF GOLD?!?! I better get more details before I spill the beans.

OOOPS time to go. Mickey is waiting to show me around. Don't forget to check back tomorrow. Who knows what tidbits I might reveal......