Monday, March 23, 2009

I can't believe it

I thought I was going to Phoenix last week. Well, my plans changed so I decided to hide in the shop to see what would happen while everyone thought I was gone. At least the humans behaved themselves. I wish I could say the same for the four legged beings in the shop.

In my "absence", my so called best friend takes off for greener pastures of Kansas. Seems to think he needs a week being a a Frat Paca. My sister, at night turns up Madonna,goes for a spin on the yarn baller. I am surprised I still have a job. Thank goodness I was around to restore order. What can I do - they are family. Wait till you meet some of my other relatives. You will think Frankie and Percy are a walk in an Llama field.

Yesterday was the Custom Knit group. I think they were all a little frustrated with the pattern and how much knitting they still had to go. But they all kept a brave face and made jokes about it. There is no stopping those ladies when they get on a roll.

Don't forget tomorrow night is Happy Hour. If you want to laugh until your cheeks fall off, drop by from about 5:30-8. Wonder if there is any beer left from St. Patrick's day.....

Don't forget Dr. Purl and Dr. Hook are on call and willing to help you with any problem. Just give the shop 24 hours notice.

I recieved notice that the Traveling Knt group will be here Wed. Another day of laughter and joking and talking. I won't be taking a nap any time soon.

OH NO Frankie is on the Yarn baller......Must go deal with this......


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