Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Girlfriend's China

Had to share the story about my girlfriend's China . . . . .

. . . . . before Christmas we are gettin together to debrief and blow off . . . . we were having some new wine and knitting away when she say something about getting some snacks . . . . .

we wander into another room . . . . . and there is all my girlfriend's China . . .

and ya know, her China is very pretty, mine doesn't work like that . . . . .

I like her China more!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Anna's - Important Stuff!

I'm gettin toooooo big for this place!!!!! I need more room!

Hello Yarn Shoppe Shoppers!
Have you heard yet? You have if you join us on our 4th Birthday Celebration! Word on the street is…
we have changed the name of the shoppe to…

Anna’s Yarn Shoppe!

I have not sold the business…It’s still me…we are just growing up and changing things a bit.
Want some more news…

It’s BIG….

We are looking to move to a BIGGER LOCATION!!! We are just bustin out of this shoppe and can barely house all the things we do!

This will happen well after the holidays and we are still in Elk Grove. We will keep you posted as we get everything finalized.

Okay…the scoop on the Santa Scarf is that class is almost full. This is a really cute scarf and will be a fun social class!
Class will meet Sunday, December 13th from 2-4 PM. Cost includes materials too!

Do you know what’s happening Saturday? SANTA’S ELVES

Have your family shop for you… Fill out your wish list here at the shoppe, then send ‘em in…

We’ll even buy them pizza, soda & dessert!

Lunch will be served from 12-2PM. Perfect opportunity to get those things you’ve been eyeing but just haven’t gotten yet.

Enjoy the perfect knitting weather and we’ll see you at the front table of Anna’s Yarn Shoppe!!

Anna Starr
Serving the Crafting Community since 2005

8238 Laguna Blvd
Elk Grove, Ca 95758
phone (916) 691-3979

Peggy's Slouch Tam

Speaking of design . . . . Peggy also is a designer. She found a store hat that wasn't just perfect so she came up with her own hat. She will be teaching this Tam on Tuesday the 15th, from 6-8. This two season class is only $ 20.

Perfect Pink Flap Hat

Join Anna this Sunday from 12-2 for this great hat class. This one is Anna's own design. She couldn't find a pattern she liked so she just designed the perfect hat! This two session class is great for doing this very special hat. She'll help you pick out just the right colors of yarn for this one of a kind hat.

Monday, December 7, 2009

On Demand Scarf!!!?????

They won't leave her alone . . . . . Cyndee is wearing this scarf to the birthday party at Anna's and they won't leave her alone . . . . . so she is doing a class THIS SUNDAY just for this Santa Scarf . . . . . Sunday - 2-4 pm, $ 45, all materials & instructor included. Ok, it's right around the corner but there is still time to make this for that special party?

Friday, December 4, 2009

The next step . . . . . . Your "Swing Coat"

Wow, this is the next step, … . . you haven’t done a big fashion piece yet and now you have the perfect opportunity to make that statement. This "Swing Coat" is timeless and will serve you well in several seasons. Check out the classic features of this coat.

Cyndee has this coat on display in the window and you can join her on Thursday the 10th at 6-8 for a two session class.

As a class, you'll be deciding when to schedule your second session.

This is one of those projects that will always be noticed!

Cyndee will help with color selection, her famous 'table consult ' for just that perfect color will make it easier to select your yarn.

Mini Mitten or . . . . . . .

When we asked Peggy about her next class "Mini Mitten" she said "it can be a package tag, or is it a key chain fob or maybe it is a frig magnet … … you pick! This little mini mitten is the perfect gift for someone you just met and they don’t know you knit. Mini Mitten is being offered as a class next Tuesday the 8th from 6-7.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Beginner's 1st Top Down

Ya think you'll always be knitting scarves . . . . . . you can whip out this sweater! Join us on Saturday the 5th from 2-5.

Diana reports, "any beginner that can knit & purl will whip this project out in a few days, it's 2 stitchs per inch! The purl is only on the trim.". . . . . There is still time to sign up for this class.

Click the link over to the left for "Class Schedule" for all the details.

***Anna's Yarn Shoppe***

8238 Laguna Blvd
Elk Grove, Ca 95758
phone (916) 691-3979

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Felted Lammys

Felted Lammys Class
Sunday the 22th, 2-4

This is a great first “Felting” class. This intermediate knitting class features these really cute toys that will go in a stocking OR on your desk as a statement about where you would be in you weren’t at work … . . This will be a "kit class", you'll get all the supplies in class. This is a great way to sample doing a small project without getting stuff with that awkward extra ball of yarn. Join Dena at the table … . . There is still time to sign up for this class on Sunday the 22nd from 2 - 4.

“After Thanksgiving Day…Before Thanksgiving Day SALE!!”

Hello to all,
Before we begin with the really good stuff…I have to say thank you to all that helped the shoppe out this last week end.

My dad had a heart attack last Friday and knowing that I could literally walk away and leave the shoppe in such capable hands was a HUGE relief. My dad is doing better but we are waiting on the next procedure. Thanks again for all your help, support, concern and prayers.

Now…for the GOOD STUFF!!
You DO know what’s happening Saturday right?

We are offering you the opportunity to save BIG…its our

“After Thanksgiving Day…Before Thanksgiving Day SALE!!”

We want to offer the sale before Thanksgiving so that everyone can come. For those of you traveling…here is your
chance to get some great road trip stash to work on. For those of you hangin around… you get some of your shopping done early! Don’t worry, we’ll be open the Day after Thanksgiving…and we have lots planned for that day too!

Do you know what else is happening Saturday?

We are celebrating our 4th anniversary.

Can you believe it?

You know how we do celebrations…FOOD & FUN. We are serving a wonderful lunch as well as delicious desserts. Plan to stop by from 12 - 2 PM for some really great food.
2 PM is a toast to the shoppe and announcement time…plan to stay after lunch to get the buzz around the shoppe.

Now…wanna save more?

Joining In The Loop is a great way to save ALL the time EVERY time. In The Loop members are gonna save big on Saturday and we want you to be a part…Even if you choose not to join…you’re still gonna be glad you came!
Happy knitting…
Anna Starr
Serving the Crafting Community since 2005

Anna’s Yarn Shoppe

8238 Laguna Blvd
Elk Grove, Ca 95758
phone (916) 691-3979

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Keep it Covered . . . . . . .

the Ruffled Hat class is coming up and there is still room to join Cyndee on Sunday the 22nd for this beginner knit hat class.

They say you lose 70% of your heat from the top of your heat . . . . . well, let's get that covered!

Amarigumi Club

These are those little guys that live in the window that we keep wanting to hold and show off to the kids.

Join us at the table with Melissa and
The Amarigumi Club
for a great set of toys. This one is a great fun crochet project. There is still time to join her on Saturday the 21th from 1 - 3 pm. These work up pretty quick and will fill the need for some stocking stuffers!

Show White Scarf

This scarf was the class star at the “Christmas in July” event this year … . . Darlene does a great job helping you pick the perfect yarn and get going on this easy but elegant scarf. There is still time to join her on Thursday the 19th from 6 - 8 pm. This beginner project knits up quick and would look wonderful on Mom’s black winter coat!

Friday, November 13, 2009

This top was just featured in Interweave Knits . . . . . it is a top down classy design that is terribly comfortable . . . . . you won't believe how soft the yarn can be and how beautifully it drapes. Join us at the table for this class on Sun. the 15th at Noon to 2 pm.

Join Cyndee at the table for this project. Her class starts on Sat. the 14th at 11-1 pm. This top is sooooo comfortable and is perfect for layering this time of year.

Who did this?

I must be getting old...I honestly don't even REMEMBER ordering this yarn!!!

We just received a truckload of NEW YARN.

I can't believe this much was overlooked. We will begin to put it out on the shelves this Saturday...we will leave a few of each color on the front counter for ohhing & awwing.

December calendar will be available in the shoppe tomorrow and on the web by tomorrow night. Don't forget...if you sign up for a class before December 1st you save 10% on your instructor fee as well as your yarn.

Hope to see you soon.
Anna Starr
Serving the Crafting Community since 2005

The Yarn Shoppe

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hello Yarn Shoppe Shoppers,
Isn't the weather great? I heard it is supposed to rain tonight...YEA. I think we can even do a fire tonight!

Well, as you have been hearing...we have BIG things to tell you... but not yet.
We are going to wait till Saturday, November 21st when we have our big sale! Did you read that...a SALE before Thanksgiving!

We have decided that rather than ask you to come stand here in the dark, in the cold at 3 AM...we are giving you the sale
1 WEEK EARLY. That way those of you on your way out of town have some really fun things to take and work on!!
This will be more than a shopping day...please plan to join us from 12-2 PM for a wonderful lunch, with beverages included .

We will also celebrating our 4th ANNIVERSARY so save room for dessert! Can you believe it...4 years. I'll try not to cry and blubber...
At 2 PM we will be making a toast to celebrate with dessert.

Every purchase of $100 or more will enter you into our Christmas present GIVE AWAY.

Now, for today...we have received a TON of Cascade Pure Alpaca as well as Eco Alpaca... Oh, we also received Cascade Baby
Alpaca Chunky in about 15 colors! I hear there is a hat project in the works for December. Wait till you see what I did behind your back!

You know the drill... In the Loopers...come on in tonight for the viewing and purchasing. We are open till 9 PM.

Enough said...
See you at the table.

Anna Starr

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tonight! Tonight?

here we go . . . . . tonight we're stayin open late! Ya need that knit time away from home to finish up those gifts. We also have two classes going, "How do I - Mattress Stitch and Cyndee's 2nd round on the "Cable Tunic". We all need more "Table Time"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Excuses for Non-Knitters

last night was another great time, so good to see everyone, got a call from Monica about an event we'll try to work, flyer will be at Anna's . . . . . several new friends, Melissa dropped by after work, Mona stopped by before having to leave for a social work event, which started the discussion, making excuses to Non-Knitters about not showing up . . . . . . . like, "I'm having a Yarn Over Headache" . . . . "I'd like to come but my cable cord twisted" . . . . . and Mona pops the best . . . "I'm sorry but I'm having an Intarsia episode" . . . .

so let's what's your excuse, . . . . . . I'll add, "I'd be there but my Entralac is jammed and the locksmith has been called."

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

WooHoo, new stuff!

As if there wasn't enough going on at the shoppe...

We have received tons of new books,... more Artyarn, Kraemer, Needles & Notions.
Due in this week...Blue Heron, more Artyarn, and Misti Alpaca. Peggy has been so busy inputting everything in the system.

It's driving me nuts...I am the worst at keeping fun secrets. My family always knows they can count on me giving them at least 1 present early,whether its Birthday or Christmas!

Okay, I can't stand is something I CAN tell you.

As of November 1st we will be open late Thursday Night as well! We will now have 2 late nights! What a great opportunity for those of you that are working on gift projects that shouldn't be worked on at home for fear of being discovered! We will continue the late hours through the Holiday Season and maybe even longer. We are so excited to be increasing hours and creating a place for you to refresh, unwind, be inspired and encouraged with help if needed. Extended hours begin Thursday, November 5th.

Okay my friends, it's Tuesday Night which means bring a snack, (if ya want) and come play with us. Required items...knitting and a smile.
Come on...we're waitin for you...and drive's WINDY.

Check out the the November Calender...remember...any class sign up before the 1st of November will save you 10% off both CLASS & INSTRUCTOR FEES. Woohoo!

Anna Starr
Serving the Crafting Community since 2005

The Yarn Shoppe

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Yarn - Big Sale

Hello to all,

Well, there is a lot going on at the shop this week.

We have brought in a whole new yarn line that will most definitely rival Malibrigo. There are beautiful color ways with solids, kettle-dyed as well as hand paints to choose from. We are offering

Loopers first chance to see these new yarns is Tuesday evening, October 6th from 6-8 PM.

They will be available for purchase with your 10% discount. Wednesday morning staff will be begin putting them away on the shelves for those of you anxious to see them.

We also have had to make room for 2 more new lines due to hit the shop in the next few weeks. So, know what that means right? A HUGE blow it out sale. There is sooo much to go that we can't limit to one day. Beginning tomorrow, October 6th we offer the back of the shop (red carpet area) at 40% off! There are some really great yarns back there but they truly need to go. There will also be grab bags. BIG grab bags...LITTLE grab bags...all at a 50% or more discount.
Stop by and enjoy the savings...and don't forget that all sales will be final on sale related items.

Don't forget...there are some really great classes available to you that will teach you some new skills. Check out the front window for all those projects.
See you at the table.

Anna Starr
Serving the Crafting Community since 2005

The Yarn Shoppe
Our Blog - Where's Frank

8238 Laguna Blvd
Elk Grove, Ca 95758
phone (916) 691-3979
fax (916) 691-3981

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I am sure by now you have heard about the new kitten that Anna has allowed to take up resicence in the YARN SHOPPE. Percy, Frankie and I are adjusting to him. At least he doesn't mew too much and Anna takes him home at night.

I over heard Anna talking about a baby shower for the kitten this coming Tuesday night during Happy Hour. Anyone who bring a cat toy gets a certificate for 5.00 off a purchase 35.00 or more. That kitten is going to have more toys than it knows what to do with. If everyone insists on spoiling this cat All I ask is that NO ONE bring toys with bells or noise makers in them. I like it quiet in here.

Come to think of it no one gave me toys when I joined the shop. So if you feel the need I like toys too.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

What was She Thinking?!?!?!

Have you heard the news? Watch out when you open the front door. We have a new "friend" at the shop. I think Anna forgot she owns a yarn shop. She rescued a kitten from the ASPCA. We will see if yarn shops and kittens mix. Please no one dangle yarn in front of him. Since Anna has brought him into the shop we have a problem. She hasn't named him.

Anna has decided that the customers get a say in naming him. There are several names to the right. Anna is taking suggestions and in a week or so she will put up the names and have everyone vote on this site. The winner will win a knitting gift basket. She hasn't given out all the details but if you have a name suggestion leave in the comments section or email Anna with your suggestions.

Don't forget this Sunday is the San Francisco train trip. There will be pictures when we get back. Yes I plan on stowing away in a knitting bag.

HAve you seen some of the upcoming classes? They are incredible. And Christmas is right around the corner. So start thinking about the presents you want to make. Yarn is coming in all the time so stop in often.


I need a name...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

one seat opened up

Did you hear? Someone had to cancel their plans to go on the trip to San Fransico!!!!!This means that the full trip has one seat that has opened up!!!!Are you going to be the lucky person who gets the seat. Quick CALL THE STORE GET THAT SEAT!!!!! You don't want to miss out on the give aways, high tea at Nieman Marcus, give aways, munchies on the trip back, did I mention the give aways. Call Anna and tell her you want that seat.


Friday, September 4, 2009

not gone

You have probably been wondering where this poor little sheep has been. Anna went a little fiber crazy. I have been buried under 400 pounds of yarn. I am not kidding the shop has exploded. So much new stuff. The Berroco alone had me buried for days and it isn't even all here yet.

You have to come in and check out the Berroco Vintage Wool. Can you believe the colors. Start thinking Christmas presents. Even Percy is impressed with how soft it is.

There are so many sock yarns that I am sure someone will be knitting me pairs and pairs of sheep sized socks soon. Comfort has some awesome sock yarn and some great new colors.

Berroco INCA GOLD is another yarn that is good enough to curl up in and count people (errr in your case sheep) Gotta love the silk in it.

There are othe Berrocos in and coming but I have others to tell you about as well.

Have you seen the SUGAR RUSH? It is made from cane sugar by products. Anna has even found yarn made from milk by products.

So has all of these new yarns made you itchy for some new projects? GOOD!!!! Did I mention the new shipment of books? There was another hundred pounds.

SO new books and new yarn can only mean one thing. MONDAY IS SALE DAY. Haven't been able to find the exact sale info - she likes to keep that under wraps until the last second but if I know Anna it will be well worth a trip to see her on Monday. If I can find her notes I will post this weekend about what she has planned. Don't forget if you are an IN THE LOOP Member, no matter what the sale price you get an extra 10% off. Defintely worth a trip in on Monday don't you think?


Friday, August 14, 2009

Have you been in lately?

Wow the store has been hopping. Tuesday night "Happy Hour" is the place to be. They were bringing chairs from the back. But everyone is always happy to make room for more friends. This past week was "Show It Off" Tuesday. The projects were simply amazing. I can't believe the talent everyone has. WOW is all this little sheep can say?

Have you signed up for the Train Trip to San Francisco? Last I heard there were only 4 or 5 spots left. Next year Anna is going to have to get 2 train cars to accommodate everyone. "Frank"ly I think the trip home sounds great. Wine, cheese, crackers, and fruit - all served on Linen. Very chic if you ask me. The day trips while in San Fran sound great. I think I would choose High Tea at Neiman Marcus. But I heard some are headed to the Wharf and others are maybe going to the Labryinth. What a Day! What a Shoppe!

Have you seen the new line of Fiesta yarn that Anna has started carrying? It is YUMMY. I caught Frankie sleeping in the bowl of it on the front counter the other night. It does make a good place for a nap.

Make sure you check the Calendar for the most up to date classes. The Chinchilla hat and scarf tomorrow has room left. So does the Felted purse class on Tuesday night.

Anna is already working on the September class and it looks to be as good as everything else.

See at the table

Sunday, August 9, 2009

So much going on

Last week the store was jumping. Tuesday night there were so many people at Happy Hour. Extra chairs were pulled out and a great time was had by all. Everyone had a great time. This Tuesday night is Show it Off Night. Bring your recently finished projects and have them photographed. Who knows? Yours may be featured on the Fliker photos to the right on this page.

The Traveling Knit Group will meet on Wed this week. That is another group that is growing. Those ladies have some great projects in the works.

Have you checked the calendar lately? There are some great classes coming up. Tomorrow there is a baby bootie and hat class. Tuesday is the Knit and Crocheted Scarf. Saturday is the Chinchilla Scraf

So many classes to choose from. And Don't forget the train trip on September 20. There are some great side trips that day. Some are having High Tea at Nieman Marcus, others are going to the wharf and enjoying the sites and seafood. Make sure you get your seat reserved now for 55.00, the price will be going up in September.

Make sure you are on the store Email list. Anna has started sending out weekly sale emails. With Christmas coming up it is a great time to get started on Christmas projects.

I am still hoping someone takes me on a trip soon. I am starting to get wunderlust and may have to venture out on my own if someone doesn't take me on an adventure soon.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Finally the heat is gone. I thought for sure Anna was gonna win. She thought for sure I would give in and get sheared. Not on your knitting needles is that gonna happen.

Have you been getting Anna's emails with her new weekly specials. She has been having some great deals. If you haven't then go to the shop website sign the guestbook with a request to be added to the store email list. Then you will find out what the weekly sale is. Don't forget IN THE LOOP members get an extra 10% any sale items (except classes)

Now for info on the title of this blog post. Anna is planning the annual train trip to San Francisco for September 20. Last year was the 1st trip and everyone had a blast. Picture this...going to San Francisco and not having to drive. You get to knit. Then, you get to see if your raffle ticket will win one of many prizes given away. By the time you get to the Bay, your face is sore from so much laughing and smiling. After a great day roaming and shopping, there are snacks on linen table cloths with champagne and wine or soda to refresh with. Then you get another chance to win even more prizes as we head back home. All this for less than a tank of gas! Flyers areavailable in the shoppe. We are limited to the number of tickets at this special price and will be distributed as a first come first serve only. We will not be able to hold any on reserve. Be sure to join Anna and the gang and they will guarantee you a wonderful day with fellow knitters.

Doesn't that sound like fun. Wonder if Anna will let me go and be tour guide. I promise not to get anyone lost. If you have questions, get ahold of the gals.

Also the August Calendar is up. Anna has added a new feature to the calendar. If you want to know what a project looks like click on the title of the class and a picture will pop up. I know September classes are being talked about and planned. So be on the lookout for that.

Tonight is Happy Hour. It was crazy last week. Can't believe how popular that has become.

Till next time

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Those LAZY days

Hey Dudes,

Frank is sweltering under all his wool and is being very lazy right now. So I thought I could bring you up to speed with Anna has going on at the wondrous Yarn Shoppe.

Can you believe this weather - even us 'pacas need a break from the heat. Anna has the August calendar up and going and I heard her say the September calendar is jam packed as well. Did ya hear about the train trip to San Francisco? A whole day of knitting on the train and then shopping in 'Frisco and then knitting on the way back - what a great treat. Not only that Super Duper Anna is having give aways and raffles both ways. Rumor has it Darlene is exempt - she seems to win everything. But the girls love her anyway!!!!

The fall yarns are streaming in and WOW the colors!!! Totally AWESOME Dudettes!!!! Anna is carrying some new lines of yarn as well and they are "fantabulous" MAke sure you stop in and see them.

Tonight is Happy Hour and we all know what that means - bring your knitting, wine, treats and laughter for a great evening. Tomorrow the Traveling Knit Group will be at the shop from 12-2. Stop in and join them at the table for a while.

Well Dudettes, have to find a quiet shady place for the day.


Monday, July 20, 2009

It is over.

e Well from this sheep's perspective Christmas in July was a huge hit. There were so many people and so many classes. Everyone had a great time. Did I mention the food? Yikes, those women know how to cook and eat. The classes were amazing. I personally loved Darlene's scarf class. It was amazing to see how the difference in yarn could make such a difference in a pattern. I know the ladies were talking about a picture of the scarves when the were all done.

Things were flying off needles. Be on the look out for pictures of finished projects in the near future.

Wait till you see the new line of yarn that Anna is bringing in. It is amazing and wonderful and heavenly, and scrumptious. Those are all words I heard to describe it on Saturday.

The bingo and raffles were quite fun. Darlene seemed to continue her lucky streak by winning the big raffle at the end of the night. Cindy didn't do to badly in the win column either. Congrats to all the winners.

Pictures will be up soon. I heard some talk of a slumber party this fall so get your jammies and your sleeping bag ready.

Don't forget tomorrow is Happy Hour. Who knows what those ladies will be up to. Traveling Knit is meeting on Wed. this week.

And I know the August calendar is about to be published. WHEW what a lot to say and what a lot going on. If you miss a second at the Yarn Shoppe you miss so much.

Stop in Soon to see what those ladies are cooking up next.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Update on Saturday.

Anna sent this out last night. Wanted to make sure my loyal readers saw it. Even if Santa is not going to be bringing presents Mrs. Clause will be there.

Can't wait to hear about the new yarn. I will post about that next week.

Okay, tomorrow is your last chance to sign up for the few classes that are still open in our Christmas in July Event. Although we will welcome any walk ins, it will really work best if you reserve your spot before then. This is going to be so much FUN. Every student will get a FREE gift in EVERY class! We are also scheduled to have Mrs. Clause at the shoppe for a children's book signing from 12 - 2 PM. Don't miss that. We are also looking to feature a whole new line to the shoppe...I am waiting to hear back but that should be fun too. If it is here in time we will offer a sale on all yarn orders. (Keep your fingers crossed) Don't forget the book sale going on as well...
Now for those that just want to come and hang all means join us. We will be having Knitting Bingo and Raffles every 2 hours. You can purchase tickets for the BIG RAFFLE GIVEAWAY scheduled for 8 PM sharp. You must be present to win because it is so BIG!!
Tickets are $3 ea. / 3 for $7 / 5 for $13 / 10 for $20.
During 15 hours of knitting we may get hungry...Although we will break for both lunch and dinner many people are bringing snacks to share. We will provide Peets iced tea water and soda, so by all means, bring a snack we can all ohhh and ahhh over!
Custom knits group...with the all day Saturday going ons, we are going to postpone meeting until August. We will begin the Tank Top then so check August calendar for dates and times. Also to note, the Stitches from the Heart Group will be taking July and August off. The website has been updated and has links on the newsletter page, be sure to check that out.
August calendar will be ready to hand out Saturday and good stuff is planned then too.
Enjoy your week end and we'll see you Saturday.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Everyone is in such a tizzy about Saturday. I haven't had time to post because Anna has had us busy, making kits for classes, pulling prizes, making games, and cleaning this place from top to bottom.

Classes are filling up but I know there is still room. If you find your self with free time Saturday, just walk in I know Anna will make room for you in a class. I haven't heard all the prizes but I know after the last class - which finishes at 11PM there will be a drawing for a LARGE gift certificate. I am trying to get the details on all the prizes, check back tomorrow for the details.

I have also been told about a special book signing from 12-2. Something about a Mrs. Clause. Not sure what that is all about either. I guess I better make Anna sit down and give me the low down.

Most classes are running between 20 and 35 dollars and include all the yarn. All you have to supply are the needles. IF you sign up for 5 classes your 6th one is free that day.

Can't wait to see everyone Saturday. Don't forget it starts at 9 and ends at midnight.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Busy day tomorrow

Tomorros is Tuesday and that always seems to be a busy day here at the Shoppe.

The traveling knit group will be here from 12-2. They always have such unique projects they are working on. You really should stop in and see the Prayer Shawl that Jennifer has on display. They are always inviting everyone to join their group. You really should stop by and check them out.

Tomorrow night is HAPPY HOUR. Suppose to start at 6 but usually gets rolling about 5 or 5:30. The food those people have and the wine. What a great weekly party and a way to check out what the group is working on.

On a personal note, I have no vacations planned and I want out of here. Between the CHIRP CHIRP CHIRPs of Lucky, Frankie on her Yarn Baller singing Michael Jackson songs, Percy well being Percy and Seamus practicing his "American" accent I need a vacation. Some one PLEASE rescue me!!!!


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Thank you

The 4 legged creatures at The Yarn Shoppe want to take a minute to thank the brave men and women of this country for keeping us safe. We admire all you do and tonight when we light our fireworks and have a hot dog we salute you and your service to this country.

Frank, Percy, Frankie, Lucky

Thursday, July 2, 2009


We are waiting for July 4th. After Anna and crew close up the store early we animals are going to throw a party. We can celebrate Independence Day with the best of them. Frankie wants a karaoke machine but I think that is a bit much. I was thinking of just grilling on the patio and then watching the fireworks around town. We just have to make sure Anna doesn't know what we are up to. So SHHHHH!!!!

I can't believe how excited people are for the Christmas in July. That is the buzz around the table these days. Anna is offering if you take 5 classes you get the 6th one free PLUS the yarn is included in all the projects. So make sure you get in and sign up for at least one class. On the right you can see all the projects that are being offered. And on Ravelry - Where's Frank page - there is a list of the classes and when they are being offered that day.

Lucky seems to be doing well. That bird can eat. CHIRP CHIRP CHIRP wanting food all the time. Percy says it is a growing bird and to chill out. HUMPH. At least Anna takes it home at night to give me some peace.

Off to check ads for fireworks on line.


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This place has gone to the....


I leave for just a couple days and you will not believe what Anna has done. She rescued a baby Swallow that had fallen out of its nest. It now lives in a cage that Anna brings to and from the
Shoppe everyday. Would you believe she expects ME to help feed it. She buys cricket and then I have to smash them and help feed the baby bird. At least so far I haven't had to do the 5 AM feeding. She is calling him Lucky. He is already trained when he sees the tweezers come towards the cage to open his mouth for food.

Don't tell Anna but he is kinda cute.

Anna just sent out a huge email with lots of news and goodies. There is a coupon attatched for 5.00 off Blue Heron Beaded Rayon. SHe also has a shipment of Blue Heron due this week. Wait till you see the colors.Only the Beaded Rayon is on sale tho.

A large shipment of Berroco Comfort has come in. Wonderful colors like always. I hear that there may be some classes in knitted toy making in the near future using Berroco Comfort DK. Keep your eyes open for details.

Anna is closing the shop early on Saturday. The hours will be 10-2. I guess she will be BBQing for the 4th. Wonder where my invite is. Probably lost in the mail. Figures. Story of my life.

I have seen people in signing up for Christmas in July classes. The fee includes the yarn as well as the instructor fee so it is a great deal. Sign up soon before your class is closed.

Tonight is Happy Hour so Stop by and see Lucky.


Monday, June 29, 2009


The shoppe has beenTOTALLY quiet with Frank gone. Not sure what is going on. I so totally expect Frankie to be causing trouble. But for a change she is being on her best behavior. Maybe I should alert Anna to be on the lookout for something suspicious.

Just because Frankie is minding her manners and things are quiet doensn't mean the shoppe is totally going crazy. Thing are picking up for Christmas in July. Make sure you get in here and sign up for classes. They are like going to fill up fast. Most of the classes are 20-35 dollars and that INCLUDES THE YARN!!! All you have to bring are your needles and your laughter. Because I know so totally know it is going to be laugh city in here.

Anna is planning raffles, and give aways and Bingo. I will see what I can find out about the give aways. I know they will be AWESOME. I have heard rumors that there will be a big give away for those who make it until after the last class. Guess I better get Frankie on the ball to start snooping.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

my pictures

Hello my dudettes!!!

Wanted to show you my pics from the trip to Kansas. The ones where Frank doesn't know I am there.

In the first one I am blowing bubbles, then hiding in the tree while Frank gets his picture taken. He was totally oblivious. In the last one I am hanging out in a plant while Frank pics his bubble wand.

Friday, June 26, 2009

He's going going gone

Hey my fave dudes and dudettes!!!!Back from Kansas. Boy did I have fun playing that great prank on Frank. Have you seen the pictures with me in them and Frank has no clue i am there? He was not to happy to find out I jumped in a backpack and headed to Kansas with him. Neither was Anna but she understood when I apologized and promised not to do it again.

Can you believe that silly sheep thought there were going to be two Christmas' this year? Like Santa has time to do what he does twice. I bet he is resting up on a nice beach in the Virgin Islands about now. The projects for Christmas in July are TOTALLY amazing. I can't decide which classes to sit in on. I love Anna's Starry Scarf, but Cindy's Elegant Clutch is great as well. And then Cathy has a totally different bag which is a felted purse. It would be a great gift for someone. Frankie says she would keep the Elegant clutch for herself.

I just found out the store is going to have modified hours on July 4th. 10-2. That way the staff can celebrate with family and friends. Wonder how Frank, Frankie and I will celebrate in the shoppe?


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a sheep never rests

I am one busy sheep. In addition to traveling the world, I have to keep all the other friends in the shoppe in line. Do you know how hard that is. It is hard enough keeping Frankie off the yarn winder and Percy from jumping in every one's bag to go see the world. I also have to teach Seamus proper American English. A sheeps work is never done.

Speaking of work...I wanted to let you know that in addtion to Christmas in July, the Shoppe will be having regular classes in July. There are the standard groups, Custom Knits, Afghan Samples, Stitches from the Heart, Ocean Breeze. Also there are classes in Mistake Recovery, Learning to Knit, Learning to Crochet. Happy Hour is always on Tuesday night. Your best bet to find out what is happening is to check the calendar . There is so much to list. My hoofs are getting tired.

I can't wait to see what Anna and her friends have in store for August.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pictures pictures pictures

Here I am blowing bubbles with my new friend Miriam.

Resting in a tree. And SOMEONE thinking they were funny. NOT!

The marble factory. It was amazing. We couldn't take pictures of them making the marbles. Something about liabity issues.
This is Phil roasting marshmallows on one of the few good nights we had.

These are Christopher Elbow Chocolates. He is a Candy designer from Kansas City. They don't give tours of his shop but Cathy made sure to bring home some goodies. Hope you are at the Shoppe when she brings in the goodies.
This is a close up on one box of chocolate. It doesn't do them justice.
Me discussing patterns and checking on things in California.
The outside of the T-Rex Restaurant. This guy was looking for lunch.

More pics tomorrow. Frank

Here today gone.....

First let me say Percy did tag along - the pictures will attest to the moocher coming along.

Kansas has not changed much. Humid and tornado dodging was the majority of the trip. I did get to see my relatives briefly. Sorry MAAAAA that it couldn't have been longer but the sirens going off in the background caused my traveling companions to want to get to low ground.

I did go to a marble factory, all the marbles are hand blown. I sway a confectionery, wait till you see the pics of the chocolate. I blew bubbles, ate at one of 2 dinosaur restaurants in the country, had coffee a couple times with Cathy's knitting friends. It was a crazy week.

I am glad to be home but I am off again this weekend with Peggy. We are headed to Fresno to see her mom and friends. Anna is sure keeping me busy with travel.

Percy assures Anna he has no desire to go to Fresno so he will be covering while I am gone this next time. But you are stuck with me for a couple days.

Have you seen the Christmas in July flyer? It is going to be crazy. I feel gypped though. I thought Santa was coming and I was going to get presents. Christmas in July really should be renamed: A CHANCE FOR TYPE A PERSONALITIES TO GET A JUMP START ON GETTING READY FOR CHRISTMAS BY LEARNING NEW KNITTING TECHNIQUES TO AMAZE FRIENDS AND FAMILY. What is that just a little too long? What would you suggest? I would be interested to know.

Have you heard about the raffles and Knitting bingo? Anna is really going all out. The front window looks amazing. Class sign ups are already going on. Make sure you sign up early so you get the best choices. If you sign up for 5 classes you get the 6th free. What a deal. If I know Anna there will be food, fun, unlimited laughter, and some great deals along the way.

Well, need to get unpacked so I can pack again.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Memo From Anna

I hope that you are having a wonderful start to your summer. We have been working very hard at getting new yarns out and preparing for Christmas in July.

Let me tell you all about this great event! We are going having an all day all night crafting event.

That's 11 instructors, 18 CLASSES in 1 DAY. Can you believe it?

Sign up starts Sat. June 20...sign up for 5 and the 6th class will be FREE.

The more classes you sign up and take, the better your chance for the you get FREEBIES with EACH class!!! Think raffles, prizes, freebies and Knitting Bingo!

I don't need to mention laughing, eating and knitting cause you know we do that every chance we get!

This is a great opportunity for you to jump start your Christmas projects and have a ton of fun doing it!

The Christmas in July schedule is on the website.

All the projects are on display in the front window and on the flickr to the right.
The rest of July calendar is full of learn to classes. Now would be a great chance for you to try & gain a new skill for those summer vacations and road trips.

I also would like to let you know that we will be closed for Father's Day. We are looking forward to spending the day with family & friends.

The Yarn Shoppe Staff & I would like to thank you for all your continued support and for the opportunity to serve you the best that we can.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

computer problems

well we are still in Kansas. Leaving tomorrow. Computers have been spotty with weather. Plus someone left me at a farm. I am being rescued today. Note add GPS to travel bag.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The humidity here is wrecking havoc with my coat. I am so fluffy I can't fit thru a door. It really is embarassing.

If the weather holds I get to see my mom today. And my cousins, and all the other relatives on teh farm. Only problem is we have had 70 mile per hour winds over night and hail and 3 inches of rain since midnight. But i will perservere. Everyone needs to see what a "Californian" sheep looks like.

Oh and Anna - yes Percy did join us. You can deal with him when we get back. Got any Blue Heron?


Saturday, June 13, 2009

strange photo

I am having trouble posting pictures from here. But I will get them up soon. We noticed something unusual in a couple of them yesterday. There is a strange pink apparition in the back ground. We can't make it out but there is something there. Anna says that Percy is still missing.

Today we are going to a Farmer's Market. Not sure what that is. I think it must be where farmers go to shop. I don't know why they just don't go to a regular store like everyone else. I guess because the regular store doesn't sell tractors and wagons. Wonder if I will get to ride on a tractor.

This afternoon we are going to a bar b que. Cathy mentioned something about eating buffalo wings. These Kansas people are a little strange. Do you think I should mention that buffalos don't have wings? I now remember why I left and went to the sane state of California.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

missing alpaca

So I called the shop yesterday to check in and see if there was anything i needed to blog about. Anna tells me Percy has gong AWOL. I know I saw a message that he was in Kansas but I haven't seen hide nor wool of him since I got here. I assured her that he was probably hiding in the yarn but I would keep a look out. I know I would know if he was here.

She said that Tuesday night Happy Hour and Show it off night were once again a great success. Dena has posted pictures on the right side of this page. Just click on the FLIKER pics.

What have I been up to? I have been to have coffee, played Star Wars and blew bubbles. Ate at some awesome restaurants. I have afew pics I will get up in the morning. It is late here and I need to get some sleep.

Please if you hear from Percy let Anna know.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We made it!!!

First, ignore that last post. I can assure you Percy IS NOT HERE. There is no way he could have stowed away. I would have known.

I am surprised we made it. The it was not flying weather and someone ( I won't name names) forgot to pack my medicine. Anna is off the hook this time. The flight from Sacramento to Denver was just fine. Nice, smooth as glass. BUT then from Denver to KC was simply a nightmare. I thought for sure we would all DIE!!!! I was to the point of going to the cockpit and asking if there was anyway they could please quit making it so bumpy. But Drew told me it was just the way the air was and to sit down and watch my TV. He held my hoof thru the flight. Unlike Cathy, who couldn't or wouldn't take her hands off the arm rests. I never saw anyone so white. They had the nerve to close the airport with me up in the air. What were they thinking? This poor little sheep thought it was a horrid joke. But on the up side I did get to see St. Louis on the diversion.

Now, have you gotten Anna's email? I heard she sent a flyer about Christmas in July. Are we going to make our lists together? I bet we can brain storm some great things for Santa to bring us. I know you alla want yarn, yarn and more yarn - with maybe a few needles thrown in. Better get it on our list. We can email them to Santa together.

Today is a busy day. Better get my wool fluffed.


Stowed Away

Hey Dudettes!!!!

Guess what? Frank doesn't know it but I stowed away in a back pack again and then jumped in a suitcase right before it was zipped closed and I like totally stowed away. I am in Kansas TOOO!!!

Let me tell you about our flight.The flight to Denver was totally boring and like nothing exciting happened. But the flight in to Kansas City now there was some excitement. It was storming in KC and they shut the airport with us in the air. We had to circle for 45 minutes. We found out later it was because of the lightening that the airport was closed. Can you believe it? Us in the air and the airport shut? And thr landing!!! It was the best. Bumpy the whole way. Better than any roller coaster (Frank looked a little green around the wool if you want to know the truth)

But hey, I am out of here. I hear there is a meeting of new sorority girls today and I am pusing for them to open member ship up to 'pacas.

See ya

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I am on my way home today. Back to Kansas, Back to see my mom. That alarm went off very early. But the plane leaves at 630. Percy was not happy that we left him at the shoppe. But someone has to look after Seamus and Frankie.

Don't forget SHOW IT OFF tonight. If last month is any indication it will a party to be at. Who knows your items could end up being featured here or on Ravelry.

Anna says that things are going along great planning for Christmas in July. She started laughing when I asked her to mail my list to Santa. I just didn't want to miss out on my second Christmas of the year. She was laughing so hard. Not sure what was so funny Guess I better do it my self.


Saturday, June 6, 2009


Can you believe that is what I would be called if I lived in Ireland. We were at Guinness, and Pam was learning to draw the perfect pint of ale. She was talking to a couple of barmaids who were explaining to Pam that Frank is not a nickname in Ireland. At first I thought they were talking about Frankie but NOOOOOOO they were talking about me. I DON"T THINK SO!!!!! Do I look like a FRANCIE to you. I think they had sampled a few to many of their pints that day.

Pam is currently teaching the Noro Sweater class. This morning there were people here and she was teaching the Debbie Bliss bag. The ladies looked like they were having a grand old time.

Tomorrow is a jam packed day. Classes all afternoon. Pam'sChristmas Stocking class, the Custom Knit gals will be in as well as Cindy teaching her eyelet polo.

Have you seen the front window? There are some wonderful projects that will be taught at Christmas in July. The stocking caps, the wine cozy, the knitted Christmas lights. I know more projects are in the works. Since we are celebrating Christmas twice this year (still haven't figured out why) I have been working on my list. I have been relatively good - Ok I snuck that 100% off coupon in the St. Patrick's day pot, and I hid Anna's copy of Do It Your self Shearing (that was out of self defence). At least I wasn't the one who tied up Percy or took off with a couple college boys and went to Kansas and left Frankie in charge. I have been the good one. Relatively speaking. I wonder if Santa has really been watching. HMMMM guess I will see what shows up in my stocking July 18th.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bad Sheep

I have been a bad sheep. I haven't been here everyday like I am supposed to. I have been busy helping Seamus get acquainted with American customs - you know like only one pint of clover beer a day. I am a little worried about leaving him when I go to Kansas next week. But I am sure Percy will take care of him.

Tuesday night - were you here or did you miss the most crazy Happy Hour ever. Those ladies, what can I say. I think Percy would agree they can put a bunch of Frat boys to shame with their "wild" partying.

I think Anna mentioned there were only a couple spots left in the Debbie Bliss Bag class. MAke sure you sign up for it. Julie is teaching a beautiful summer lace wrap next Saturday June 13. I have seen the sign up sheet for it and it is filling up fast. Don't miss that class either.

The instructors have been bringing the projects for display for Christmas in July. I thought Christmas was in December but I guess it is OK to have it twice a year. Better find my stocking and get my list ready for Santa. Wonder if he would read my wish list on Ravelry?


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

it was not jetlag

You may think the reason I didn't post yesterday was because of jetlag. Well you would be WRONG!!!! I am still in shock over what happened in here on Sunday. You heard about the Grab Bag sale. Well those ladies went NUTS!!!!! You would have thought it was a free yarn giveaway.

Everyone bought their bags in a semi orderly fashion. I didn't witness any pushing or shoving but I heard a few tales. Then the strangest thing happened. All the ladies went in to the back of the shop and opened their bags and started swapping yarn. It was crazy. Everyone went away happy and there are about 6 bags left up on the counter. I heard Anna say everyone had such a great time she would do it again. So be on the lookout for the update.

In other news, tonight is Happy Hour - but around here that meand 3 hours so get here early so you get a chair. I understand it is hard to knit standing up. The afghan sampler class is also going on tonight. I am hoping Pam doesn't spill all details of our trip.

Thursday is a class on the BEAD and LACE Shawl. It is an impressive shawl. Saturday there is another class in the ever so popular Debbie Bliss Bag. This purse is more popular than a Coach bag right now. Don't be left out. Pam says it is a simple afternoon knit. Also the Noro Sweater class will be taking place. Make sure you catch one if not both of these classes.

I will be headed out on another adventure next week.


Sunday, May 31, 2009


Hi everyone,

I am back from my most current travels. Ireland was fantastic. I will tell you all about it and my new friend Seamus (in Ireland SE makes the SH sound so it is pronounced SHAMUS) he is a long lost relative of mine. He is adjusting to life in the shoppe pretty well. Well if Frankie would quit taking him for rides on the yarn baller and if Percy would quit calling him DUDE all the time it might be a little easier.

I understand Frankie was a handful while I was gone and as punishment Anna decided to have Frankie put together a sale for today.

Frankie has put together grab bags. These are surprise bags of yarn, patterns, needles etc. You just grab a bag - hence the name and pay for it. You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!!!!

I know the bags have at least the value of the price of the bag. Many bags are half the cost of the yarn in the bag so in some cases you may 30.00 for the bag but get 60-70 worth of yarn.

Stop by and grab a bag or 2 or 3. It is getting to hot to be out doors so might as well have some fun inside.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pleasant Valley Sunday

Hey my wonderful Dudes and Dudettes!!!

It is going to be a Pleasant Valley Sunday in the shoppe on Sunday. Anna wants to show all of her customers how much you mean to her. She is having a great sale. There are gong to be big discounts on many things and don't forget her GRAB BAGS!!! Frankie has been busy stuffing her little hoofs off. Last time she ties me up. HUMPH!!!! Not sure which has Anna more upset, seeing a poor little innocent pink alpaca tied to a chair OR Frankie using a skein of the much coveted Blue Heron yarn to do it. (you know I could have chewed thru it but it was more fun to get Frankie in trouble)

Anna has the June Calendar up on the site. Check it out here . The brilliance of Anna has added a new feature to the calendar this month. If you click on a particular class you can see a picture of the project. That is totally awesome, if you ask this 'paca.

Frank is due back in a day or two with his long lost relative. Stop in and see him next week.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Man oh Man where do I being. Those creative ladies are on a roll. The Traveling Knit group was in today. Not sure they got much knitting done. They were talking up a storm. This Pink'Paca was having a hard time listen to Anna lecture Frankie on the rules of not tying up employees. But wait till you hear the punishment.

ANNA IS HAVING ANOTHER SALE!!!!! Yes you read right - the righteous Miss Anna is going to teach Miss Frankie a lesson by having a sale this Sunday. You may wonder how having a sale is punishment to Frankie. Well, Dudettes, this is the best part. This is a grab bag sale. Frankie has to fill bags with yarn, or patterns or needles. Then on Sunday, Anna is going to put the bags on sale. The bag will be worth at least what you pay for it. I haven't heard the prices but if you pay $10.00 for a bag what is in teh bag will be worth at least that much if not more. You can't look in the bag before you buy it and there are NO returns. But if I know Anna it will be worth your while to GRAB YOUR BAGS WHILE YOU CAN!!!!

Plus I heard something about Knit in Public Day. It is a day in June when all knitters are invited to pull out their yarn and knit in public. Yeah, I know most of you do that anyway. But I think Anna has a plan for that day. I will let you know what I hear.

Frank has been in touch. Seems he found a long lost relative while he was in Ireland. He actually is bringing this relative back with him. Some sheep named Seamus. This shop is already full of sheep. Why didn't he bring back another llama or 'paca? Maybe he will have to stay here and I will get to go to Kansas. Someone will have to translate for this new sheep and it won't be me.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New calendar

Hello Dudettes,

Have you seen the June Calendar. It is SO TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! There are so many classes that Anna had to put it on 2 sheets of paper. Not only that she color coded it so everyone can see what classes are in their skill level. How is that for BRILLIANT??????

There are classes for crochet hats, afghan squares, a bead and lace scarf, a goregous NORO GARDEN knit along Sweater. If you haven't see it, be sure to check out the front window. Pam is teaching the Debbie Bliss bag again. Another must have. It can be knocked out in a day. Cindy is teaching her eyelet stitch polo. Another awesome sweater that is in the front window. Can you beleive that is ONLY THE FIRST WEEK OF JUNE. If it is that busy can you imagine what the rest of the month looks like. Simply spectacular. From this 'paca there is something for everyone and everyone for something next month.

Dudettes, I am hearing rumors about Christmas in July. The classes are going to be Fantabulous. Keep an eye here for all the details.

Check out the right side of the blog. There is a scrolling picture blog of things people have made. A lot of those pictures were taken during last months SHOW IT OFF!!! That will be happening again June 9th. Make sure you don't miss it. Your finished items could be featured here.

Frank will be back soon. But then off again. He is such a busy sheep. What do you think - should Anna put me in charge of the blog and let Frank travel? I am sure my writings are much more interesting than that boring old sheep. After all how many FRAT 'PACAS do you know.
Maybe I should start a poll and take the results to Anna. Something to totally think about


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend happenings

We got a strange phone call after everyone left last night. Someone offering to sell us pictures from Frank's cruise. Apparently Frank had quite an adventure that he has been hiding from us. Dudes, who knew Frank was such a party sheep. If we don't pay up then this mystery caller will be posting the pics. Better have Anna check our security.

So my favorite Dudettes, did you catch the Entralac class yesterday? Who knew yarn could do that? So totally cool dude!!!!

Today it is a class in keeping your tootsies warm. Come learn how to knit socks. Stripes and solids. They make gifts for birthdays (mine is coming up) and Christmas. Only 214 days left you have to get your shopping done. Time is ticking down Dudettes. Don't wait till the last minute and get knitter's elbow.

Wanna make a really cool gift for Christmas? We have a beginning Dye class next Saturday. Check it out.

Did you hear a certain little female sheep got in trouble for tying me up the other day? don't expect to see your little Frankie on here any time soon. Anna was not happy that she wasted the yarn. So my fave needle and hook users it us just us for a few days.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Girl time

Percy would not let me on the computer last night. He kept wanting to post instead of me. I told him it was my turn but he would not listen. So when Anna gets here she will find Percy in her office tied to a chair with Blue Heron. Strongest yarn around. She can untie him. Teach that alpaca to mess with a lady. HUMPH!!!!

So, like today is an awesome day to come in and see Anna. The Traveling Knit group will be here from 12-2. Debbie will be teaching her Baby Pancho and Hat from 11-1. That friendship table will be full to the max. They will be bringing in extra chairs. Better get there early.

I saw Anna working on the calendar for next month. It is like totally packed to the max with classes and fun. But there is still lots of fun for this month too. check out the calendar and see for your self.

Since Percy is otherwise, ummm, occupied time to go for a spin.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hip hopping good time

Let me tell you - those ladies at Happy Hour can put my frat brothers to shame. I thought the guys knew how to have a good time. NO WAY DUDES!!!! Last night at the shoppe it was a knitting BONANZA! I didn't know they could party like that. Dudes it was a way out good time for every body. This 'paca included. Frank never lets me come up front to the table during happy hour. After last night that dude will not keep me away.

I heard that Anna the Fantabulous, has almost got the June calendar ready. There are like so many AWESOME classes and teacher - she almost had to put it on 2 sheet of paper. That is a lot of classes my wonderful DUDETTES!! Wonder if I can sit in on them? But how is a 'paca to use knitting needles? Maybe some sweet Llama will take pity on me and make stuff for me. COOOL idea isn't it?

Don't forget the Entralac class Saturday I know it is filling up fast. The price is great and what a way to get a start on Christmas. It is only 218 days left until Christmas. Better rev up those needles and hooks and get in here for some classes. Amaze your family and catch the Christmas stocking of the month class with Pam. if you start now you can have 6 done by Christmas. Or better yet - keep your mini Dudes warm this winter by catching the workshop class this Sunday and learn to make socks. Man, I am so full of great ideas I totally amaze myself.

Well, Frankie says she gets tomorrow night to post (not if I beat her to it) so till later my wonderful dudettes


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Hey Dudes (or should I say Dudettes). Percy here. Haven't been allowed to be on here since I got back from my totally AWESOME trip to Kansas. Those Frat guys know how to show a 'paca a good time. Kansas is totally the best place to vacation. Can't believe my Buddy Frank would ever want to leave that place. Awesome chicks, and cool bros. Just a totally bitchin' place to hang.

Anyway Dudettes (and dudes) Have you heard about what Anna has cooking for July. Yea, I know it is only May but she is such a fantabulous lady she is way ahead of the game and has a totally cool day planned for all you lovers of needle and hooks. Get it on your calendar now. July 18th is CHRISTMAS IN JULY!!!!!

Anna and her gang of buds are planning a day of Christmas fun in the California sun. Classes, bingo, raffles, give a ways. You name it and Anna is so totally on it. The sun may be shining out side but inside we will be rocking around the Christmas Tree from 9-MIDNIGHT!!!!

Now for the rest of this AWESOME month there are some great classes. Saturday Anna is going to teach the Entralac Scarf. If you haven't seen that you are totally missing a great knit for a great gift. Then on Sunday, there is a sock workshop. Making socks is like such a AWESOME thing to do. Very in right now. The sorority chicks were commenting on how cool stripped socks would be. I offered to save my coat for them and they could knit me some.

Next Friday is the JUST FOR EWE class. Make a simple gift to have on hand or keep it for yourself. Don't know what she is planning but I bet it is a keeper.

Hey gotta dash - my turn to choose some tunes - getting tired of Frankie and her Material Girl. Need some Frat Boy RAP!!!

Later Dudettes


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ireland here I come!!!!!

Wow,less than 48 hours and I will be on my way to the green island of Ireland. I can't wait. I am going to be gone for 2 weeks. So little time so much to see. Wonder where we will go first. Pam hasn't given me an itinerary yet so I guess like normal, the sheep is the last to know. But what is new about that?

Wonder how Anna will manage with out me. No one else has my evesdropping (err I mean... atune listening skills). I guess you all will just have to make due with Material girl Frankie and Frat boy Percy. Sorry but it is the best I can do.

I think I found out who has the incriminating pictures of me - and they will be dealt with as soon as i get final proof.

Did you see the class on Monday? I guess it is time to start thinking about 4th of July. Melissa is teaching a knitted flag table runner. It is beautiful. Tuesday night is Happy Hour as well as a class in Hair Pin Lace. If last weeks Happy Hour is any indication this place will be hopping.
Well,time to give Frankie and Percy last minute instructions.

Slán leat (good bye in Irish)


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What a night

Boy finally it is quiet. You would have thought there was a party going on at the store tonight. Happy Hour seemed to start early today. I can handle 6-8 but honestly 4:30 to 8. Don't those women have families to take care of and cook for?

There was more laughter tonight than ever. More conversations that any one sheep could eavesdrop on at one time.

The picture taking was a hit. Dena was the hit of the night with her computer and picture taking. She had everyone up on Ravelry faster than anything. She was even given private lessons on all the wonderful things you can do on Ravelry. She is truly amazing. She will be there in June - second Tuesday night. I will be in Kansas so I guess I will miss that one. Bet it will be quieter in a Kansas pasture with 300 sheep relatives than it was in the shop tonight.

I am leaving on Monday to head to the home land of Ireland. I will get lots of pictures of me and the relatives. I asked Pam to look at my family tree so we knew which herds to contact. Hopefully she will remember.

Anna is getting lots of takers on her Flip Flop Socks. The class is Thursday. Maybe they will start a new trend. Better come join in so you can be a trend setter too. Custom Knit knitalong will be going on Sunday from 2-4. Come see what they are making.


Sunday, May 10, 2009


The quiet.

After yesterday I was so glad the shop was closed today. It was crazy in here. Anna had such a great sale going that everyone was here. I am surprised there is yarn left, but don't worry there is still plenty left.

With all the great classes coming up, I hope you got what you needed to participate. Anna is teaching a class in flip flop socks. I still don't get why you need socks with flip flops but I am sure there is a reason. I will admit they are really cool and the yarn color selection is awesome. Saturday is the Beginning Scarf class. This month will be a focus on yarn overs. What does the yarn go over? The scarf is in the window so take a look.

This Tuesday I am sure this place will be crazy. Don't forget it is "show it off" night as well as Happy Hour. Bring all your finished projects and let us take pictures. Who knows maybe yours will end up on my blog.

I have heard that my vacation pics are quite the hit. I got a call from the Today show asking if they could interview me concerning a few dance pictures....Now how do you supposed Matt Lauer got my phone number - let alone pictures of me? I smell an inside job.


Friday, May 8, 2009


I found a sheet of paper just laying around the shop last night. So, it was in the desk, under a book (Shearing Made Easy) behind the inventory catalog. But other than that it was just laying around. I know what the sale is. IT IS 15% OFF ANYTHING IN THE STORE. IF YOU ARE AN IN THE LOOP MEMBER THAT MEANS YOU GET 25% OFF!!!!!! If anyone is willing to come forth with the original pictures from a certain vacation I recently took I am sure I can sweeten the deal.

Now, yesterday before my sister decided to go on a ride I was about to tell you what new yarns had come in. And they will be included in the sale tomorrow as well so make sure you get there early to get best pick. It is a virtual rainbow of Berroco Comfort and Comfort DK. So many colors it is unbelievealbe. I know someone is using it to make a knitted Santa Claus that will be taught at Christmas in July. This person is also making a knitted Dragon that will be taught in the fall. All using Berroco Comfort DK.

Schaefer lace yarns and sock weights too. Elsabeth Lavold Silky Wool in about 10 new colors. The Custom Knit book has the coolest top made from the Silky Wool. The Knit Along group is making it now. Simply B-EWE-tiful.

Also...Ty-Dy from Knit One Crochet Too as well as Trendsetter Tonelita. The Tonilita is the most beautiful colorways ever. They knit up striped so beautifully. Both of these are for upcoming classes... You have to come in and see them.

Hey wait a minute - what was the name of that book? Something about Shearing... I think I had better go on another mission tonight and get rid of that.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

I am simply ruined

I am begging all of my loyal followers to please not believe what you see or hear about the cruise. I thought we had all agreed that what happened on the ship stayed on the ship. Well, apparently I was wrong. That only applies to the 2 legged speices who were on the cruise. Someone has some, ummm, shall we say compromising pictures of me from the cruise. I can not be held responsible for the content. I am hoping to find out who has them and woooo them with the promise of unlimited yarn ( I am sure Anna will understand - it is for a good cause - ME!!!!!) For those of you who have seen me in the shop with my tag that reads "SILENCE OF THE LAMB" Please know that I am willing to break my silence about what went on if they can get me the orginals of the photographs.

I am gearing up for my next trip. Off to Ireland May 18. Hope to meet some of my ancesterty. I get back from that trip and head for Kansas June 9. I have to go see my immediate family. I miss my mom. I can't wait to tell them the tales of my adventures in the Yarn Shoppe.

Did you know that tomorrow was Anna's birthday? She claims she is 29. I have seen her driver's license and know the TRUTH!!!! Make sure you stop in and wish her Happy Birthday. Bring her a cup cake or something. IF she won't eat them I will.

Saturday is the sale. Anna says I can't plan this one. Worried I will give it all away. She is keeping the details to her self. I suggested she give the percentage off of her age. She threatend to muzzle me. HUMPH!!!! I was only being helpful.

I heard Anna talking about a great weekend event in July. They are having a Christmas in July. There will be classes all day long. I will keep my ears open for more info. Wonder if they will be making my Christmas presents then. I better get my list together.

Tuesday night is going to be a great night. Bring in all the things you have made and we will take pictures of them. Then you can post them on RAVELRY or send them to friends so they can see how talented you are. Anna and the gang will have mannequins to use for your sweaters. It is also Happy Hour so bring your knitting and join us at the table after your pictures are taken.

Did I mention the new yarns? WOW. UH OH Frankie is on the yarn baller I guess the yarns will wait until tomorrow. Maybe I should take her back to Kansas and leave her.....


Monday, May 4, 2009

The store is rocking

After being on a ship for almost 2 weeks this month I don't have my land legs back. I spent the past 2 days hanging out in my favorite yarn just waiting for the world to stop rocking. I hope it stops soon.

Since I was a little under the weather, I missed out on much of what has been going on in the shop. I heard lots of laughter from the Friendship Table yesterday but I didn't have the strength to move. Between the Christmas stocking class, the eyelet stitch polo and the beginnigs of a new Custom Knit class I wasn't the only one rocking yesterday. The store has so many people coming and going - and many staying for the fun.

Speaking of fun - tomorrow night is Happy Hour Tuesday and it is also Cinco de Mayo. Maybe there will be margaritas and chips and salsa to celebrate. That would be fun. But I Frank will remain in my cubby where the ground doesn't move. Hopefully, the ground will stop moving before i get on the plane to head to Ireland. Jetlag and rocking planet earth would be a bad bad combination.