Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Those LAZY days

Hey Dudes,

Frank is sweltering under all his wool and is being very lazy right now. So I thought I could bring you up to speed with Anna has going on at the wondrous Yarn Shoppe.

Can you believe this weather - even us 'pacas need a break from the heat. Anna has the August calendar up and going and I heard her say the September calendar is jam packed as well. Did ya hear about the train trip to San Francisco? A whole day of knitting on the train and then shopping in 'Frisco and then knitting on the way back - what a great treat. Not only that Super Duper Anna is having give aways and raffles both ways. Rumor has it Darlene is exempt - she seems to win everything. But the girls love her anyway!!!!

The fall yarns are streaming in and WOW the colors!!! Totally AWESOME Dudettes!!!! Anna is carrying some new lines of yarn as well and they are "fantabulous" MAke sure you stop in and see them.

Tonight is Happy Hour and we all know what that means - bring your knitting, wine, treats and laughter for a great evening. Tomorrow the Traveling Knit Group will be at the shop from 12-2. Stop in and join them at the table for a while.

Well Dudettes, have to find a quiet shady place for the day.


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