Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This place has gone to the....


I leave for just a couple days and you will not believe what Anna has done. She rescued a baby Swallow that had fallen out of its nest. It now lives in a cage that Anna brings to and from the
Shoppe everyday. Would you believe she expects ME to help feed it. She buys cricket and then I have to smash them and help feed the baby bird. At least so far I haven't had to do the 5 AM feeding. She is calling him Lucky. He is already trained when he sees the tweezers come towards the cage to open his mouth for food.

Don't tell Anna but he is kinda cute.

Anna just sent out a huge email with lots of news and goodies. There is a coupon attatched for 5.00 off Blue Heron Beaded Rayon. SHe also has a shipment of Blue Heron due this week. Wait till you see the colors.Only the Beaded Rayon is on sale tho.

A large shipment of Berroco Comfort has come in. Wonderful colors like always. I hear that there may be some classes in knitted toy making in the near future using Berroco Comfort DK. Keep your eyes open for details.

Anna is closing the shop early on Saturday. The hours will be 10-2. I guess she will be BBQing for the 4th. Wonder where my invite is. Probably lost in the mail. Figures. Story of my life.

I have seen people in signing up for Christmas in July classes. The fee includes the yarn as well as the instructor fee so it is a great deal. Sign up soon before your class is closed.

Tonight is Happy Hour so Stop by and see Lucky.


Monday, June 29, 2009


The shoppe has beenTOTALLY quiet with Frank gone. Not sure what is going on. I so totally expect Frankie to be causing trouble. But for a change she is being on her best behavior. Maybe I should alert Anna to be on the lookout for something suspicious.

Just because Frankie is minding her manners and things are quiet doensn't mean the shoppe is totally going crazy. Thing are picking up for Christmas in July. Make sure you get in here and sign up for classes. They are like going to fill up fast. Most of the classes are 20-35 dollars and that INCLUDES THE YARN!!! All you have to bring are your needles and your laughter. Because I know so totally know it is going to be laugh city in here.

Anna is planning raffles, and give aways and Bingo. I will see what I can find out about the give aways. I know they will be AWESOME. I have heard rumors that there will be a big give away for those who make it until after the last class. Guess I better get Frankie on the ball to start snooping.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

my pictures

Hello my dudettes!!!

Wanted to show you my pics from the trip to Kansas. The ones where Frank doesn't know I am there.

In the first one I am blowing bubbles, then hiding in the tree while Frank gets his picture taken. He was totally oblivious. In the last one I am hanging out in a plant while Frank pics his bubble wand.

Friday, June 26, 2009

He's going going gone

Hey my fave dudes and dudettes!!!!Back from Kansas. Boy did I have fun playing that great prank on Frank. Have you seen the pictures with me in them and Frank has no clue i am there? He was not to happy to find out I jumped in a backpack and headed to Kansas with him. Neither was Anna but she understood when I apologized and promised not to do it again.

Can you believe that silly sheep thought there were going to be two Christmas' this year? Like Santa has time to do what he does twice. I bet he is resting up on a nice beach in the Virgin Islands about now. The projects for Christmas in July are TOTALLY amazing. I can't decide which classes to sit in on. I love Anna's Starry Scarf, but Cindy's Elegant Clutch is great as well. And then Cathy has a totally different bag which is a felted purse. It would be a great gift for someone. Frankie says she would keep the Elegant clutch for herself.

I just found out the store is going to have modified hours on July 4th. 10-2. That way the staff can celebrate with family and friends. Wonder how Frank, Frankie and I will celebrate in the shoppe?


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a sheep never rests

I am one busy sheep. In addition to traveling the world, I have to keep all the other friends in the shoppe in line. Do you know how hard that is. It is hard enough keeping Frankie off the yarn winder and Percy from jumping in every one's bag to go see the world. I also have to teach Seamus proper American English. A sheeps work is never done.

Speaking of work...I wanted to let you know that in addtion to Christmas in July, the Shoppe will be having regular classes in July. There are the standard groups, Custom Knits, Afghan Samples, Stitches from the Heart, Ocean Breeze. Also there are classes in Mistake Recovery, Learning to Knit, Learning to Crochet. Happy Hour is always on Tuesday night. Your best bet to find out what is happening is to check the calendar . There is so much to list. My hoofs are getting tired.

I can't wait to see what Anna and her friends have in store for August.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pictures pictures pictures

Here I am blowing bubbles with my new friend Miriam.

Resting in a tree. And SOMEONE thinking they were funny. NOT!

The marble factory. It was amazing. We couldn't take pictures of them making the marbles. Something about liabity issues.
This is Phil roasting marshmallows on one of the few good nights we had.

These are Christopher Elbow Chocolates. He is a Candy designer from Kansas City. They don't give tours of his shop but Cathy made sure to bring home some goodies. Hope you are at the Shoppe when she brings in the goodies.
This is a close up on one box of chocolate. It doesn't do them justice.
Me discussing patterns and checking on things in California.
The outside of the T-Rex Restaurant. This guy was looking for lunch.

More pics tomorrow. Frank

Here today gone.....

First let me say Percy did tag along - the pictures will attest to the moocher coming along.

Kansas has not changed much. Humid and tornado dodging was the majority of the trip. I did get to see my relatives briefly. Sorry MAAAAA that it couldn't have been longer but the sirens going off in the background caused my traveling companions to want to get to low ground.

I did go to a marble factory, all the marbles are hand blown. I sway a confectionery, wait till you see the pics of the chocolate. I blew bubbles, ate at one of 2 dinosaur restaurants in the country, had coffee a couple times with Cathy's knitting friends. It was a crazy week.

I am glad to be home but I am off again this weekend with Peggy. We are headed to Fresno to see her mom and friends. Anna is sure keeping me busy with travel.

Percy assures Anna he has no desire to go to Fresno so he will be covering while I am gone this next time. But you are stuck with me for a couple days.

Have you seen the Christmas in July flyer? It is going to be crazy. I feel gypped though. I thought Santa was coming and I was going to get presents. Christmas in July really should be renamed: A CHANCE FOR TYPE A PERSONALITIES TO GET A JUMP START ON GETTING READY FOR CHRISTMAS BY LEARNING NEW KNITTING TECHNIQUES TO AMAZE FRIENDS AND FAMILY. What is that just a little too long? What would you suggest? I would be interested to know.

Have you heard about the raffles and Knitting bingo? Anna is really going all out. The front window looks amazing. Class sign ups are already going on. Make sure you sign up early so you get the best choices. If you sign up for 5 classes you get the 6th free. What a deal. If I know Anna there will be food, fun, unlimited laughter, and some great deals along the way.

Well, need to get unpacked so I can pack again.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Memo From Anna

I hope that you are having a wonderful start to your summer. We have been working very hard at getting new yarns out and preparing for Christmas in July.

Let me tell you all about this great event! We are going having an all day all night crafting event.

That's 11 instructors, 18 CLASSES in 1 DAY. Can you believe it?

Sign up starts Sat. June 20...sign up for 5 and the 6th class will be FREE.

The more classes you sign up and take, the better your chance for the raffles...plus you get FREEBIES with EACH class!!! Think raffles, prizes, freebies and Knitting Bingo!

I don't need to mention laughing, eating and knitting cause you know we do that every chance we get!

This is a great opportunity for you to jump start your Christmas projects and have a ton of fun doing it!

The Christmas in July schedule is on the website.

All the projects are on display in the front window and on the flickr to the right.
The rest of July calendar is full of learn to classes. Now would be a great chance for you to try & gain a new skill for those summer vacations and road trips.

I also would like to let you know that we will be closed for Father's Day. We are looking forward to spending the day with family & friends.

The Yarn Shoppe Staff & I would like to thank you for all your continued support and for the opportunity to serve you the best that we can.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

computer problems

well we are still in Kansas. Leaving tomorrow. Computers have been spotty with weather. Plus someone left me at a farm. I am being rescued today. Note add GPS to travel bag.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The humidity here is wrecking havoc with my coat. I am so fluffy I can't fit thru a door. It really is embarassing.

If the weather holds I get to see my mom today. And my cousins, and all the other relatives on teh farm. Only problem is we have had 70 mile per hour winds over night and hail and 3 inches of rain since midnight. But i will perservere. Everyone needs to see what a "Californian" sheep looks like.

Oh and Anna - yes Percy did join us. You can deal with him when we get back. Got any Blue Heron?


Saturday, June 13, 2009

strange photo

I am having trouble posting pictures from here. But I will get them up soon. We noticed something unusual in a couple of them yesterday. There is a strange pink apparition in the back ground. We can't make it out but there is something there. Anna says that Percy is still missing.

Today we are going to a Farmer's Market. Not sure what that is. I think it must be where farmers go to shop. I don't know why they just don't go to a regular store like everyone else. I guess because the regular store doesn't sell tractors and wagons. Wonder if I will get to ride on a tractor.

This afternoon we are going to a bar b que. Cathy mentioned something about eating buffalo wings. These Kansas people are a little strange. Do you think I should mention that buffalos don't have wings? I now remember why I left and went to the sane state of California.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

missing alpaca

So I called the shop yesterday to check in and see if there was anything i needed to blog about. Anna tells me Percy has gong AWOL. I know I saw a message that he was in Kansas but I haven't seen hide nor wool of him since I got here. I assured her that he was probably hiding in the yarn but I would keep a look out. I know I would know if he was here.

She said that Tuesday night Happy Hour and Show it off night were once again a great success. Dena has posted pictures on the right side of this page. Just click on the FLIKER pics.

What have I been up to? I have been to have coffee, played Star Wars and blew bubbles. Ate at some awesome restaurants. I have afew pics I will get up in the morning. It is late here and I need to get some sleep.

Please if you hear from Percy let Anna know.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We made it!!!

First, ignore that last post. I can assure you Percy IS NOT HERE. There is no way he could have stowed away. I would have known.

I am surprised we made it. The it was not flying weather and someone ( I won't name names) forgot to pack my medicine. Anna is off the hook this time. The flight from Sacramento to Denver was just fine. Nice, smooth as glass. BUT then from Denver to KC was simply a nightmare. I thought for sure we would all DIE!!!! I was to the point of going to the cockpit and asking if there was anyway they could please quit making it so bumpy. But Drew told me it was just the way the air was and to sit down and watch my TV. He held my hoof thru the flight. Unlike Cathy, who couldn't or wouldn't take her hands off the arm rests. I never saw anyone so white. They had the nerve to close the airport with me up in the air. What were they thinking? This poor little sheep thought it was a horrid joke. But on the up side I did get to see St. Louis on the diversion.

Now, have you gotten Anna's email? I heard she sent a flyer about Christmas in July. Are we going to make our lists together? I bet we can brain storm some great things for Santa to bring us. I know you alla want yarn, yarn and more yarn - with maybe a few needles thrown in. Better get it on our list. We can email them to Santa together.

Today is a busy day. Better get my wool fluffed.


Stowed Away

Hey Dudettes!!!!

Guess what? Frank doesn't know it but I stowed away in a back pack again and then jumped in a suitcase right before it was zipped closed and I like totally stowed away. I am in Kansas TOOO!!!

Let me tell you about our flight.The flight to Denver was totally boring and like nothing exciting happened. But the flight in to Kansas City now there was some excitement. It was storming in KC and they shut the airport with us in the air. We had to circle for 45 minutes. We found out later it was because of the lightening that the airport was closed. Can you believe it? Us in the air and the airport shut? And thr landing!!! It was the best. Bumpy the whole way. Better than any roller coaster (Frank looked a little green around the wool if you want to know the truth)

But hey, I am out of here. I hear there is a meeting of new sorority girls today and I am pusing for them to open member ship up to 'pacas.

See ya

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I am on my way home today. Back to Kansas, Back to see my mom. That alarm went off very early. But the plane leaves at 630. Percy was not happy that we left him at the shoppe. But someone has to look after Seamus and Frankie.

Don't forget SHOW IT OFF tonight. If last month is any indication it will a party to be at. Who knows your items could end up being featured here or on Ravelry.

Anna says that things are going along great planning for Christmas in July. She started laughing when I asked her to mail my list to Santa. I just didn't want to miss out on my second Christmas of the year. She was laughing so hard. Not sure what was so funny Guess I better do it my self.


Saturday, June 6, 2009


Can you believe that is what I would be called if I lived in Ireland. We were at Guinness, and Pam was learning to draw the perfect pint of ale. She was talking to a couple of barmaids who were explaining to Pam that Frank is not a nickname in Ireland. At first I thought they were talking about Frankie but NOOOOOOO they were talking about me. I DON"T THINK SO!!!!! Do I look like a FRANCIE to you. I think they had sampled a few to many of their pints that day.

Pam is currently teaching the Noro Sweater class. This morning there were people here and she was teaching the Debbie Bliss bag. The ladies looked like they were having a grand old time.

Tomorrow is a jam packed day. Classes all afternoon. Pam'sChristmas Stocking class, the Custom Knit gals will be in as well as Cindy teaching her eyelet polo.

Have you seen the front window? There are some wonderful projects that will be taught at Christmas in July. The stocking caps, the wine cozy, the knitted Christmas lights. I know more projects are in the works. Since we are celebrating Christmas twice this year (still haven't figured out why) I have been working on my list. I have been relatively good - Ok I snuck that 100% off coupon in the St. Patrick's day pot, and I hid Anna's copy of Do It Your self Shearing (that was out of self defence). At least I wasn't the one who tied up Percy or took off with a couple college boys and went to Kansas and left Frankie in charge. I have been the good one. Relatively speaking. I wonder if Santa has really been watching. HMMMM guess I will see what shows up in my stocking July 18th.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bad Sheep

I have been a bad sheep. I haven't been here everyday like I am supposed to. I have been busy helping Seamus get acquainted with American customs - you know like only one pint of clover beer a day. I am a little worried about leaving him when I go to Kansas next week. But I am sure Percy will take care of him.

Tuesday night - were you here or did you miss the most crazy Happy Hour ever. Those ladies, what can I say. I think Percy would agree they can put a bunch of Frat boys to shame with their "wild" partying.

I think Anna mentioned there were only a couple spots left in the Debbie Bliss Bag class. MAke sure you sign up for it. Julie is teaching a beautiful summer lace wrap next Saturday June 13. I have seen the sign up sheet for it and it is filling up fast. Don't miss that class either.

The instructors have been bringing the projects for display for Christmas in July. I thought Christmas was in December but I guess it is OK to have it twice a year. Better find my stocking and get my list ready for Santa. Wonder if he would read my wish list on Ravelry?


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

it was not jetlag

You may think the reason I didn't post yesterday was because of jetlag. Well you would be WRONG!!!! I am still in shock over what happened in here on Sunday. You heard about the Grab Bag sale. Well those ladies went NUTS!!!!! You would have thought it was a free yarn giveaway.

Everyone bought their bags in a semi orderly fashion. I didn't witness any pushing or shoving but I heard a few tales. Then the strangest thing happened. All the ladies went in to the back of the shop and opened their bags and started swapping yarn. It was crazy. Everyone went away happy and there are about 6 bags left up on the counter. I heard Anna say everyone had such a great time she would do it again. So be on the lookout for the update.

In other news, tonight is Happy Hour - but around here that meand 3 hours so get here early so you get a chair. I understand it is hard to knit standing up. The afghan sampler class is also going on tonight. I am hoping Pam doesn't spill all details of our trip.

Thursday is a class on the BEAD and LACE Shawl. It is an impressive shawl. Saturday there is another class in the ever so popular Debbie Bliss Bag. This purse is more popular than a Coach bag right now. Don't be left out. Pam says it is a simple afternoon knit. Also the Noro Sweater class will be taking place. Make sure you catch one if not both of these classes.

I will be headed out on another adventure next week.