Friday, June 26, 2009

He's going going gone

Hey my fave dudes and dudettes!!!!Back from Kansas. Boy did I have fun playing that great prank on Frank. Have you seen the pictures with me in them and Frank has no clue i am there? He was not to happy to find out I jumped in a backpack and headed to Kansas with him. Neither was Anna but she understood when I apologized and promised not to do it again.

Can you believe that silly sheep thought there were going to be two Christmas' this year? Like Santa has time to do what he does twice. I bet he is resting up on a nice beach in the Virgin Islands about now. The projects for Christmas in July are TOTALLY amazing. I can't decide which classes to sit in on. I love Anna's Starry Scarf, but Cindy's Elegant Clutch is great as well. And then Cathy has a totally different bag which is a felted purse. It would be a great gift for someone. Frankie says she would keep the Elegant clutch for herself.

I just found out the store is going to have modified hours on July 4th. 10-2. That way the staff can celebrate with family and friends. Wonder how Frank, Frankie and I will celebrate in the shoppe?


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