Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We made it!!!

First, ignore that last post. I can assure you Percy IS NOT HERE. There is no way he could have stowed away. I would have known.

I am surprised we made it. The it was not flying weather and someone ( I won't name names) forgot to pack my medicine. Anna is off the hook this time. The flight from Sacramento to Denver was just fine. Nice, smooth as glass. BUT then from Denver to KC was simply a nightmare. I thought for sure we would all DIE!!!! I was to the point of going to the cockpit and asking if there was anyway they could please quit making it so bumpy. But Drew told me it was just the way the air was and to sit down and watch my TV. He held my hoof thru the flight. Unlike Cathy, who couldn't or wouldn't take her hands off the arm rests. I never saw anyone so white. They had the nerve to close the airport with me up in the air. What were they thinking? This poor little sheep thought it was a horrid joke. But on the up side I did get to see St. Louis on the diversion.

Now, have you gotten Anna's email? I heard she sent a flyer about Christmas in July. Are we going to make our lists together? I bet we can brain storm some great things for Santa to bring us. I know you alla want yarn, yarn and more yarn - with maybe a few needles thrown in. Better get it on our list. We can email them to Santa together.

Today is a busy day. Better get my wool fluffed.


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