Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I am sure by now you have heard about the new kitten that Anna has allowed to take up resicence in the YARN SHOPPE. Percy, Frankie and I are adjusting to him. At least he doesn't mew too much and Anna takes him home at night.

I over heard Anna talking about a baby shower for the kitten this coming Tuesday night during Happy Hour. Anyone who bring a cat toy gets a certificate for 5.00 off a purchase 35.00 or more. That kitten is going to have more toys than it knows what to do with. If everyone insists on spoiling this cat All I ask is that NO ONE bring toys with bells or noise makers in them. I like it quiet in here.

Come to think of it no one gave me toys when I joined the shop. So if you feel the need I like toys too.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

What was She Thinking?!?!?!

Have you heard the news? Watch out when you open the front door. We have a new "friend" at the shop. I think Anna forgot she owns a yarn shop. She rescued a kitten from the ASPCA. We will see if yarn shops and kittens mix. Please no one dangle yarn in front of him. Since Anna has brought him into the shop we have a problem. She hasn't named him.

Anna has decided that the customers get a say in naming him. There are several names to the right. Anna is taking suggestions and in a week or so she will put up the names and have everyone vote on this site. The winner will win a knitting gift basket. She hasn't given out all the details but if you have a name suggestion leave in the comments section or email Anna with your suggestions.

Don't forget this Sunday is the San Francisco train trip. There will be pictures when we get back. Yes I plan on stowing away in a knitting bag.

HAve you seen some of the upcoming classes? They are incredible. And Christmas is right around the corner. So start thinking about the presents you want to make. Yarn is coming in all the time so stop in often.


I need a name...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

one seat opened up

Did you hear? Someone had to cancel their plans to go on the trip to San Fransico!!!!!This means that the full trip has one seat that has opened up!!!!Are you going to be the lucky person who gets the seat. Quick CALL THE STORE GET THAT SEAT!!!!! You don't want to miss out on the give aways, high tea at Nieman Marcus, give aways, munchies on the trip back, did I mention the give aways. Call Anna and tell her you want that seat.


Friday, September 4, 2009

not gone

You have probably been wondering where this poor little sheep has been. Anna went a little fiber crazy. I have been buried under 400 pounds of yarn. I am not kidding the shop has exploded. So much new stuff. The Berroco alone had me buried for days and it isn't even all here yet.

You have to come in and check out the Berroco Vintage Wool. Can you believe the colors. Start thinking Christmas presents. Even Percy is impressed with how soft it is.

There are so many sock yarns that I am sure someone will be knitting me pairs and pairs of sheep sized socks soon. Comfort has some awesome sock yarn and some great new colors.

Berroco INCA GOLD is another yarn that is good enough to curl up in and count people (errr in your case sheep) Gotta love the silk in it.

There are othe Berrocos in and coming but I have others to tell you about as well.

Have you seen the SUGAR RUSH? It is made from cane sugar by products. Anna has even found yarn made from milk by products.

So has all of these new yarns made you itchy for some new projects? GOOD!!!! Did I mention the new shipment of books? There was another hundred pounds.

SO new books and new yarn can only mean one thing. MONDAY IS SALE DAY. Haven't been able to find the exact sale info - she likes to keep that under wraps until the last second but if I know Anna it will be well worth a trip to see her on Monday. If I can find her notes I will post this weekend about what she has planned. Don't forget if you are an IN THE LOOP Member, no matter what the sale price you get an extra 10% off. Defintely worth a trip in on Monday don't you think?