Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Excuses for Non-Knitters

last night was another great time, so good to see everyone, got a call from Monica about an event we'll try to work, flyer will be at Anna's . . . . . several new friends, Melissa dropped by after work, Mona stopped by before having to leave for a social work event, which started the discussion, making excuses to Non-Knitters about not showing up . . . . . . . like, "I'm having a Yarn Over Headache" . . . . "I'd like to come but my cable cord twisted" . . . . . and Mona pops the best . . . "I'm sorry but I'm having an Intarsia episode" . . . .

so let's what's your excuse, . . . . . . I'll add, "I'd be there but my Entralac is jammed and the locksmith has been called."

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

WooHoo, new stuff!

As if there wasn't enough going on at the shoppe...

We have received tons of new books,... more Artyarn, Kraemer, Needles & Notions.
Due in this week...Blue Heron, more Artyarn, and Misti Alpaca. Peggy has been so busy inputting everything in the system.

It's driving me nuts...I am the worst at keeping fun secrets. My family always knows they can count on me giving them at least 1 present early,whether its Birthday or Christmas!

Okay, I can't stand is something I CAN tell you.

As of November 1st we will be open late Thursday Night as well! We will now have 2 late nights! What a great opportunity for those of you that are working on gift projects that shouldn't be worked on at home for fear of being discovered! We will continue the late hours through the Holiday Season and maybe even longer. We are so excited to be increasing hours and creating a place for you to refresh, unwind, be inspired and encouraged with help if needed. Extended hours begin Thursday, November 5th.

Okay my friends, it's Tuesday Night which means bring a snack, (if ya want) and come play with us. Required items...knitting and a smile.
Come on...we're waitin for you...and drive's WINDY.

Check out the the November Calender...remember...any class sign up before the 1st of November will save you 10% off both CLASS & INSTRUCTOR FEES. Woohoo!

Anna Starr
Serving the Crafting Community since 2005

The Yarn Shoppe

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Yarn - Big Sale

Hello to all,

Well, there is a lot going on at the shop this week.

We have brought in a whole new yarn line that will most definitely rival Malibrigo. There are beautiful color ways with solids, kettle-dyed as well as hand paints to choose from. We are offering

Loopers first chance to see these new yarns is Tuesday evening, October 6th from 6-8 PM.

They will be available for purchase with your 10% discount. Wednesday morning staff will be begin putting them away on the shelves for those of you anxious to see them.

We also have had to make room for 2 more new lines due to hit the shop in the next few weeks. So, know what that means right? A HUGE blow it out sale. There is sooo much to go that we can't limit to one day. Beginning tomorrow, October 6th we offer the back of the shop (red carpet area) at 40% off! There are some really great yarns back there but they truly need to go. There will also be grab bags. BIG grab bags...LITTLE grab bags...all at a 50% or more discount.
Stop by and enjoy the savings...and don't forget that all sales will be final on sale related items.

Don't forget...there are some really great classes available to you that will teach you some new skills. Check out the front window for all those projects.
See you at the table.

Anna Starr
Serving the Crafting Community since 2005

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