Friday, August 14, 2009

Have you been in lately?

Wow the store has been hopping. Tuesday night "Happy Hour" is the place to be. They were bringing chairs from the back. But everyone is always happy to make room for more friends. This past week was "Show It Off" Tuesday. The projects were simply amazing. I can't believe the talent everyone has. WOW is all this little sheep can say?

Have you signed up for the Train Trip to San Francisco? Last I heard there were only 4 or 5 spots left. Next year Anna is going to have to get 2 train cars to accommodate everyone. "Frank"ly I think the trip home sounds great. Wine, cheese, crackers, and fruit - all served on Linen. Very chic if you ask me. The day trips while in San Fran sound great. I think I would choose High Tea at Neiman Marcus. But I heard some are headed to the Wharf and others are maybe going to the Labryinth. What a Day! What a Shoppe!

Have you seen the new line of Fiesta yarn that Anna has started carrying? It is YUMMY. I caught Frankie sleeping in the bowl of it on the front counter the other night. It does make a good place for a nap.

Make sure you check the Calendar for the most up to date classes. The Chinchilla hat and scarf tomorrow has room left. So does the Felted purse class on Tuesday night.

Anna is already working on the September class and it looks to be as good as everything else.

See at the table

Sunday, August 9, 2009

So much going on

Last week the store was jumping. Tuesday night there were so many people at Happy Hour. Extra chairs were pulled out and a great time was had by all. Everyone had a great time. This Tuesday night is Show it Off Night. Bring your recently finished projects and have them photographed. Who knows? Yours may be featured on the Fliker photos to the right on this page.

The Traveling Knit Group will meet on Wed this week. That is another group that is growing. Those ladies have some great projects in the works.

Have you checked the calendar lately? There are some great classes coming up. Tomorrow there is a baby bootie and hat class. Tuesday is the Knit and Crocheted Scarf. Saturday is the Chinchilla Scraf

So many classes to choose from. And Don't forget the train trip on September 20. There are some great side trips that day. Some are having High Tea at Nieman Marcus, others are going to the wharf and enjoying the sites and seafood. Make sure you get your seat reserved now for 55.00, the price will be going up in September.

Make sure you are on the store Email list. Anna has started sending out weekly sale emails. With Christmas coming up it is a great time to get started on Christmas projects.

I am still hoping someone takes me on a trip soon. I am starting to get wunderlust and may have to venture out on my own if someone doesn't take me on an adventure soon.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Finally the heat is gone. I thought for sure Anna was gonna win. She thought for sure I would give in and get sheared. Not on your knitting needles is that gonna happen.

Have you been getting Anna's emails with her new weekly specials. She has been having some great deals. If you haven't then go to the shop website sign the guestbook with a request to be added to the store email list. Then you will find out what the weekly sale is. Don't forget IN THE LOOP members get an extra 10% any sale items (except classes)

Now for info on the title of this blog post. Anna is planning the annual train trip to San Francisco for September 20. Last year was the 1st trip and everyone had a blast. Picture this...going to San Francisco and not having to drive. You get to knit. Then, you get to see if your raffle ticket will win one of many prizes given away. By the time you get to the Bay, your face is sore from so much laughing and smiling. After a great day roaming and shopping, there are snacks on linen table cloths with champagne and wine or soda to refresh with. Then you get another chance to win even more prizes as we head back home. All this for less than a tank of gas! Flyers areavailable in the shoppe. We are limited to the number of tickets at this special price and will be distributed as a first come first serve only. We will not be able to hold any on reserve. Be sure to join Anna and the gang and they will guarantee you a wonderful day with fellow knitters.

Doesn't that sound like fun. Wonder if Anna will let me go and be tour guide. I promise not to get anyone lost. If you have questions, get ahold of the gals.

Also the August Calendar is up. Anna has added a new feature to the calendar. If you want to know what a project looks like click on the title of the class and a picture will pop up. I know September classes are being talked about and planned. So be on the lookout for that.

Tonight is Happy Hour. It was crazy last week. Can't believe how popular that has become.

Till next time