Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Those LAZY days

Hey Dudes,

Frank is sweltering under all his wool and is being very lazy right now. So I thought I could bring you up to speed with Anna has going on at the wondrous Yarn Shoppe.

Can you believe this weather - even us 'pacas need a break from the heat. Anna has the August calendar up and going and I heard her say the September calendar is jam packed as well. Did ya hear about the train trip to San Francisco? A whole day of knitting on the train and then shopping in 'Frisco and then knitting on the way back - what a great treat. Not only that Super Duper Anna is having give aways and raffles both ways. Rumor has it Darlene is exempt - she seems to win everything. But the girls love her anyway!!!!

The fall yarns are streaming in and WOW the colors!!! Totally AWESOME Dudettes!!!! Anna is carrying some new lines of yarn as well and they are "fantabulous" MAke sure you stop in and see them.

Tonight is Happy Hour and we all know what that means - bring your knitting, wine, treats and laughter for a great evening. Tomorrow the Traveling Knit Group will be at the shop from 12-2. Stop in and join them at the table for a while.

Well Dudettes, have to find a quiet shady place for the day.


Monday, July 20, 2009

It is over.

e Well from this sheep's perspective Christmas in July was a huge hit. There were so many people and so many classes. Everyone had a great time. Did I mention the food? Yikes, those women know how to cook and eat. The classes were amazing. I personally loved Darlene's scarf class. It was amazing to see how the difference in yarn could make such a difference in a pattern. I know the ladies were talking about a picture of the scarves when the were all done.

Things were flying off needles. Be on the look out for pictures of finished projects in the near future.

Wait till you see the new line of yarn that Anna is bringing in. It is amazing and wonderful and heavenly, and scrumptious. Those are all words I heard to describe it on Saturday.

The bingo and raffles were quite fun. Darlene seemed to continue her lucky streak by winning the big raffle at the end of the night. Cindy didn't do to badly in the win column either. Congrats to all the winners.

Pictures will be up soon. I heard some talk of a slumber party this fall so get your jammies and your sleeping bag ready.

Don't forget tomorrow is Happy Hour. Who knows what those ladies will be up to. Traveling Knit is meeting on Wed. this week.

And I know the August calendar is about to be published. WHEW what a lot to say and what a lot going on. If you miss a second at the Yarn Shoppe you miss so much.

Stop in Soon to see what those ladies are cooking up next.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Update on Saturday.

Anna sent this out last night. Wanted to make sure my loyal readers saw it. Even if Santa is not going to be bringing presents Mrs. Clause will be there.

Can't wait to hear about the new yarn. I will post about that next week.

Okay, tomorrow is your last chance to sign up for the few classes that are still open in our Christmas in July Event. Although we will welcome any walk ins, it will really work best if you reserve your spot before then. This is going to be so much FUN. Every student will get a FREE gift in EVERY class! We are also scheduled to have Mrs. Clause at the shoppe for a children's book signing from 12 - 2 PM. Don't miss that. We are also looking to feature a whole new line to the shoppe...I am waiting to hear back but that should be fun too. If it is here in time we will offer a sale on all yarn orders. (Keep your fingers crossed) Don't forget the book sale going on as well...
Now for those that just want to come and hang out...by all means join us. We will be having Knitting Bingo and Raffles every 2 hours. You can purchase tickets for the BIG RAFFLE GIVEAWAY scheduled for 8 PM sharp. You must be present to win because it is so BIG!!
Tickets are $3 ea. / 3 for $7 / 5 for $13 / 10 for $20.
During 15 hours of knitting we may get hungry...Although we will break for both lunch and dinner many people are bringing snacks to share. We will provide Peets iced tea water and soda, so by all means, bring a snack we can all ohhh and ahhh over!
Custom knits group...with the all day Saturday going ons, we are going to postpone meeting until August. We will begin the Tank Top then so check August calendar for dates and times. Also to note, the Stitches from the Heart Group will be taking July and August off. The website has been updated and has links on the newsletter page, be sure to check that out.
August calendar will be ready to hand out Saturday and good stuff is planned then too.
Enjoy your week end and we'll see you Saturday.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Everyone is in such a tizzy about Saturday. I haven't had time to post because Anna has had us busy, making kits for classes, pulling prizes, making games, and cleaning this place from top to bottom.

Classes are filling up but I know there is still room. If you find your self with free time Saturday, just walk in I know Anna will make room for you in a class. I haven't heard all the prizes but I know after the last class - which finishes at 11PM there will be a drawing for a LARGE gift certificate. I am trying to get the details on all the prizes, check back tomorrow for the details.

I have also been told about a special book signing from 12-2. Something about a Mrs. Clause. Not sure what that is all about either. I guess I better make Anna sit down and give me the low down.

Most classes are running between 20 and 35 dollars and include all the yarn. All you have to supply are the needles. IF you sign up for 5 classes your 6th one is free that day.

Can't wait to see everyone Saturday. Don't forget it starts at 9 and ends at midnight.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Busy day tomorrow

Tomorros is Tuesday and that always seems to be a busy day here at the Shoppe.

The traveling knit group will be here from 12-2. They always have such unique projects they are working on. You really should stop in and see the Prayer Shawl that Jennifer has on display. They are always inviting everyone to join their group. You really should stop by and check them out.

Tomorrow night is HAPPY HOUR. Suppose to start at 6 but usually gets rolling about 5 or 5:30. The food those people have and the wine. What a great weekly party and a way to check out what the group is working on.

On a personal note, I have no vacations planned and I want out of here. Between the CHIRP CHIRP CHIRPs of Lucky, Frankie on her Yarn Baller singing Michael Jackson songs, Percy well being Percy and Seamus practicing his "American" accent I need a vacation. Some one PLEASE rescue me!!!!


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Thank you

The 4 legged creatures at The Yarn Shoppe want to take a minute to thank the brave men and women of this country for keeping us safe. We admire all you do and tonight when we light our fireworks and have a hot dog we salute you and your service to this country.

Frank, Percy, Frankie, Lucky

Thursday, July 2, 2009


We are waiting for July 4th. After Anna and crew close up the store early we animals are going to throw a party. We can celebrate Independence Day with the best of them. Frankie wants a karaoke machine but I think that is a bit much. I was thinking of just grilling on the patio and then watching the fireworks around town. We just have to make sure Anna doesn't know what we are up to. So SHHHHH!!!!

I can't believe how excited people are for the Christmas in July. That is the buzz around the table these days. Anna is offering if you take 5 classes you get the 6th one free PLUS the yarn is included in all the projects. So make sure you get in and sign up for at least one class. On the right you can see all the projects that are being offered. And on Ravelry - Where's Frank page - there is a list of the classes and when they are being offered that day.

Lucky seems to be doing well. That bird can eat. CHIRP CHIRP CHIRP wanting food all the time. Percy says it is a growing bird and to chill out. HUMPH. At least Anna takes it home at night to give me some peace.

Off to check ads for fireworks on line.