Monday, July 20, 2009

It is over.

e Well from this sheep's perspective Christmas in July was a huge hit. There were so many people and so many classes. Everyone had a great time. Did I mention the food? Yikes, those women know how to cook and eat. The classes were amazing. I personally loved Darlene's scarf class. It was amazing to see how the difference in yarn could make such a difference in a pattern. I know the ladies were talking about a picture of the scarves when the were all done.

Things were flying off needles. Be on the look out for pictures of finished projects in the near future.

Wait till you see the new line of yarn that Anna is bringing in. It is amazing and wonderful and heavenly, and scrumptious. Those are all words I heard to describe it on Saturday.

The bingo and raffles were quite fun. Darlene seemed to continue her lucky streak by winning the big raffle at the end of the night. Cindy didn't do to badly in the win column either. Congrats to all the winners.

Pictures will be up soon. I heard some talk of a slumber party this fall so get your jammies and your sleeping bag ready.

Don't forget tomorrow is Happy Hour. Who knows what those ladies will be up to. Traveling Knit is meeting on Wed. this week.

And I know the August calendar is about to be published. WHEW what a lot to say and what a lot going on. If you miss a second at the Yarn Shoppe you miss so much.

Stop in Soon to see what those ladies are cooking up next.


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