Thursday, July 16, 2009


Everyone is in such a tizzy about Saturday. I haven't had time to post because Anna has had us busy, making kits for classes, pulling prizes, making games, and cleaning this place from top to bottom.

Classes are filling up but I know there is still room. If you find your self with free time Saturday, just walk in I know Anna will make room for you in a class. I haven't heard all the prizes but I know after the last class - which finishes at 11PM there will be a drawing for a LARGE gift certificate. I am trying to get the details on all the prizes, check back tomorrow for the details.

I have also been told about a special book signing from 12-2. Something about a Mrs. Clause. Not sure what that is all about either. I guess I better make Anna sit down and give me the low down.

Most classes are running between 20 and 35 dollars and include all the yarn. All you have to supply are the needles. IF you sign up for 5 classes your 6th one is free that day.

Can't wait to see everyone Saturday. Don't forget it starts at 9 and ends at midnight.

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