Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stowed Away

Hey Dudettes!!!!

Guess what? Frank doesn't know it but I stowed away in a back pack again and then jumped in a suitcase right before it was zipped closed and I like totally stowed away. I am in Kansas TOOO!!!

Let me tell you about our flight.The flight to Denver was totally boring and like nothing exciting happened. But the flight in to Kansas City now there was some excitement. It was storming in KC and they shut the airport with us in the air. We had to circle for 45 minutes. We found out later it was because of the lightening that the airport was closed. Can you believe it? Us in the air and the airport shut? And thr landing!!! It was the best. Bumpy the whole way. Better than any roller coaster (Frank looked a little green around the wool if you want to know the truth)

But hey, I am out of here. I hear there is a meeting of new sorority girls today and I am pusing for them to open member ship up to 'pacas.

See ya

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