Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This place has gone to the....


I leave for just a couple days and you will not believe what Anna has done. She rescued a baby Swallow that had fallen out of its nest. It now lives in a cage that Anna brings to and from the
Shoppe everyday. Would you believe she expects ME to help feed it. She buys cricket and then I have to smash them and help feed the baby bird. At least so far I haven't had to do the 5 AM feeding. She is calling him Lucky. He is already trained when he sees the tweezers come towards the cage to open his mouth for food.

Don't tell Anna but he is kinda cute.

Anna just sent out a huge email with lots of news and goodies. There is a coupon attatched for 5.00 off Blue Heron Beaded Rayon. SHe also has a shipment of Blue Heron due this week. Wait till you see the colors.Only the Beaded Rayon is on sale tho.

A large shipment of Berroco Comfort has come in. Wonderful colors like always. I hear that there may be some classes in knitted toy making in the near future using Berroco Comfort DK. Keep your eyes open for details.

Anna is closing the shop early on Saturday. The hours will be 10-2. I guess she will be BBQing for the 4th. Wonder where my invite is. Probably lost in the mail. Figures. Story of my life.

I have seen people in signing up for Christmas in July classes. The fee includes the yarn as well as the instructor fee so it is a great deal. Sign up soon before your class is closed.

Tonight is Happy Hour so Stop by and see Lucky.


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