Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a sheep never rests

I am one busy sheep. In addition to traveling the world, I have to keep all the other friends in the shoppe in line. Do you know how hard that is. It is hard enough keeping Frankie off the yarn winder and Percy from jumping in every one's bag to go see the world. I also have to teach Seamus proper American English. A sheeps work is never done.

Speaking of work...I wanted to let you know that in addtion to Christmas in July, the Shoppe will be having regular classes in July. There are the standard groups, Custom Knits, Afghan Samples, Stitches from the Heart, Ocean Breeze. Also there are classes in Mistake Recovery, Learning to Knit, Learning to Crochet. Happy Hour is always on Tuesday night. Your best bet to find out what is happening is to check the calendar . There is so much to list. My hoofs are getting tired.

I can't wait to see what Anna and her friends have in store for August.


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