Tuesday, June 2, 2009

it was not jetlag

You may think the reason I didn't post yesterday was because of jetlag. Well you would be WRONG!!!! I am still in shock over what happened in here on Sunday. You heard about the Grab Bag sale. Well those ladies went NUTS!!!!! You would have thought it was a free yarn giveaway.

Everyone bought their bags in a semi orderly fashion. I didn't witness any pushing or shoving but I heard a few tales. Then the strangest thing happened. All the ladies went in to the back of the shop and opened their bags and started swapping yarn. It was crazy. Everyone went away happy and there are about 6 bags left up on the counter. I heard Anna say everyone had such a great time she would do it again. So be on the lookout for the update.

In other news, tonight is Happy Hour - but around here that meand 3 hours so get here early so you get a chair. I understand it is hard to knit standing up. The afghan sampler class is also going on tonight. I am hoping Pam doesn't spill all details of our trip.

Thursday is a class on the BEAD and LACE Shawl. It is an impressive shawl. Saturday there is another class in the ever so popular Debbie Bliss Bag. This purse is more popular than a Coach bag right now. Don't be left out. Pam says it is a simple afternoon knit. Also the Noro Sweater class will be taking place. Make sure you catch one if not both of these classes.

I will be headed out on another adventure next week.


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