Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Here today gone.....

First let me say Percy did tag along - the pictures will attest to the moocher coming along.

Kansas has not changed much. Humid and tornado dodging was the majority of the trip. I did get to see my relatives briefly. Sorry MAAAAA that it couldn't have been longer but the sirens going off in the background caused my traveling companions to want to get to low ground.

I did go to a marble factory, all the marbles are hand blown. I sway a confectionery, wait till you see the pics of the chocolate. I blew bubbles, ate at one of 2 dinosaur restaurants in the country, had coffee a couple times with Cathy's knitting friends. It was a crazy week.

I am glad to be home but I am off again this weekend with Peggy. We are headed to Fresno to see her mom and friends. Anna is sure keeping me busy with travel.

Percy assures Anna he has no desire to go to Fresno so he will be covering while I am gone this next time. But you are stuck with me for a couple days.

Have you seen the Christmas in July flyer? It is going to be crazy. I feel gypped though. I thought Santa was coming and I was going to get presents. Christmas in July really should be renamed: A CHANCE FOR TYPE A PERSONALITIES TO GET A JUMP START ON GETTING READY FOR CHRISTMAS BY LEARNING NEW KNITTING TECHNIQUES TO AMAZE FRIENDS AND FAMILY. What is that just a little too long? What would you suggest? I would be interested to know.

Have you heard about the raffles and Knitting bingo? Anna is really going all out. The front window looks amazing. Class sign ups are already going on. Make sure you sign up early so you get the best choices. If you sign up for 5 classes you get the 6th free. What a deal. If I know Anna there will be food, fun, unlimited laughter, and some great deals along the way.

Well, need to get unpacked so I can pack again.

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