Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Hey Dudes (or should I say Dudettes). Percy here. Haven't been allowed to be on here since I got back from my totally AWESOME trip to Kansas. Those Frat guys know how to show a 'paca a good time. Kansas is totally the best place to vacation. Can't believe my Buddy Frank would ever want to leave that place. Awesome chicks, and cool bros. Just a totally bitchin' place to hang.

Anyway Dudettes (and dudes) Have you heard about what Anna has cooking for July. Yea, I know it is only May but she is such a fantabulous lady she is way ahead of the game and has a totally cool day planned for all you lovers of needle and hooks. Get it on your calendar now. July 18th is CHRISTMAS IN JULY!!!!!

Anna and her gang of buds are planning a day of Christmas fun in the California sun. Classes, bingo, raffles, give a ways. You name it and Anna is so totally on it. The sun may be shining out side but inside we will be rocking around the Christmas Tree from 9-MIDNIGHT!!!!

Now for the rest of this AWESOME month there are some great classes. Saturday Anna is going to teach the Entralac Scarf. If you haven't seen that you are totally missing a great knit for a great gift. Then on Sunday, there is a sock workshop. Making socks is like such a AWESOME thing to do. Very in right now. The sorority chicks were commenting on how cool stripped socks would be. I offered to save my coat for them and they could knit me some.

Next Friday is the JUST FOR EWE class. Make a simple gift to have on hand or keep it for yourself. Don't know what she is planning but I bet it is a keeper.

Hey gotta dash - my turn to choose some tunes - getting tired of Frankie and her Material Girl. Need some Frat Boy RAP!!!

Later Dudettes


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