Sunday, May 10, 2009


The quiet.

After yesterday I was so glad the shop was closed today. It was crazy in here. Anna had such a great sale going that everyone was here. I am surprised there is yarn left, but don't worry there is still plenty left.

With all the great classes coming up, I hope you got what you needed to participate. Anna is teaching a class in flip flop socks. I still don't get why you need socks with flip flops but I am sure there is a reason. I will admit they are really cool and the yarn color selection is awesome. Saturday is the Beginning Scarf class. This month will be a focus on yarn overs. What does the yarn go over? The scarf is in the window so take a look.

This Tuesday I am sure this place will be crazy. Don't forget it is "show it off" night as well as Happy Hour. Bring all your finished projects and let us take pictures. Who knows maybe yours will end up on my blog.

I have heard that my vacation pics are quite the hit. I got a call from the Today show asking if they could interview me concerning a few dance pictures....Now how do you supposed Matt Lauer got my phone number - let alone pictures of me? I smell an inside job.


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