Saturday, May 2, 2009

Curise - 2 Frank - 0

Well, I went on my 2nd cruise and it wasn't as bad as the first but I, Frank the Mascot Sheep, vow to never do this again. While it wasn't as humid, this time I coulndn't get off the ship. Something about Swine Flu. What do I care if pigs have the flu? It can't be any worse then the Fleece flu, which I seemed to have a touch of during the cruise. The doc quarantined me to my cabin. What fun that was. NOT!!!!!! I wanted to see the sites, have a margarita, hit a pinata. Anna and Pam assured me it was for the best. There was lots to do on the ship but I had to promise everyone "what happened on the ship stayed on the ship" Anna even made me a card to wear around my neck to remind me of that. So mum's the word - at least until Anna isn't looking. I think she is worried about what stories I might tell about her. But her "secret's" are safe with me. (wink wink)

So much going's on at the shop. Happy Hour is back Tuesday night. I bet Pam will be happy to tell tales about the cruise. She will be teaching her Afghan square class that night. I need to check with her about what a sheep needs to pack for Ireland.

Have you checked out the sample of Debbie's Crochet kids poncho and hat. She will be teaching it Friday May 8th from 11-1.

Saturday is a HUGE HUGE day. Secret sale day. "You don't Have to Be a Mother"sale. So if ewe are a son, daughter, husband, aunt, uncle, or neighbor to a mom come on in and pick up something for the mom nearest you.

Pam agreed to teach the Debbie Bliss Purse class next Saturday. SHe taught this class on the cruise and everyone loved it. It is large enough to hold all your goodies (and a spare sheep or 2 for good measure on your next trip)

In honor of Mother's day the shoppe will be closed Sunday May 10th. Make sure ewe spend time with your mom that day. I will be calling mine. Hope Anna doesn't check teh phone bill to closely.


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