Monday, May 4, 2009

The store is rocking

After being on a ship for almost 2 weeks this month I don't have my land legs back. I spent the past 2 days hanging out in my favorite yarn just waiting for the world to stop rocking. I hope it stops soon.

Since I was a little under the weather, I missed out on much of what has been going on in the shop. I heard lots of laughter from the Friendship Table yesterday but I didn't have the strength to move. Between the Christmas stocking class, the eyelet stitch polo and the beginnigs of a new Custom Knit class I wasn't the only one rocking yesterday. The store has so many people coming and going - and many staying for the fun.

Speaking of fun - tomorrow night is Happy Hour Tuesday and it is also Cinco de Mayo. Maybe there will be margaritas and chips and salsa to celebrate. That would be fun. But I Frank will remain in my cubby where the ground doesn't move. Hopefully, the ground will stop moving before i get on the plane to head to Ireland. Jetlag and rocking planet earth would be a bad bad combination.


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