Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What a night

Boy finally it is quiet. You would have thought there was a party going on at the store tonight. Happy Hour seemed to start early today. I can handle 6-8 but honestly 4:30 to 8. Don't those women have families to take care of and cook for?

There was more laughter tonight than ever. More conversations that any one sheep could eavesdrop on at one time.

The picture taking was a hit. Dena was the hit of the night with her computer and picture taking. She had everyone up on Ravelry faster than anything. She was even given private lessons on all the wonderful things you can do on Ravelry. She is truly amazing. She will be there in June - second Tuesday night. I will be in Kansas so I guess I will miss that one. Bet it will be quieter in a Kansas pasture with 300 sheep relatives than it was in the shop tonight.

I am leaving on Monday to head to the home land of Ireland. I will get lots of pictures of me and the relatives. I asked Pam to look at my family tree so we knew which herds to contact. Hopefully she will remember.

Anna is getting lots of takers on her Flip Flop Socks. The class is Thursday. Maybe they will start a new trend. Better come join in so you can be a trend setter too. Custom Knit knitalong will be going on Sunday from 2-4. Come see what they are making.


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