Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Man oh Man where do I being. Those creative ladies are on a roll. The Traveling Knit group was in today. Not sure they got much knitting done. They were talking up a storm. This Pink'Paca was having a hard time listen to Anna lecture Frankie on the rules of not tying up employees. But wait till you hear the punishment.

ANNA IS HAVING ANOTHER SALE!!!!! Yes you read right - the righteous Miss Anna is going to teach Miss Frankie a lesson by having a sale this Sunday. You may wonder how having a sale is punishment to Frankie. Well, Dudettes, this is the best part. This is a grab bag sale. Frankie has to fill bags with yarn, or patterns or needles. Then on Sunday, Anna is going to put the bags on sale. The bag will be worth at least what you pay for it. I haven't heard the prices but if you pay $10.00 for a bag what is in teh bag will be worth at least that much if not more. You can't look in the bag before you buy it and there are NO returns. But if I know Anna it will be worth your while to GRAB YOUR BAGS WHILE YOU CAN!!!!

Plus I heard something about Knit in Public Day. It is a day in June when all knitters are invited to pull out their yarn and knit in public. Yeah, I know most of you do that anyway. But I think Anna has a plan for that day. I will let you know what I hear.

Frank has been in touch. Seems he found a long lost relative while he was in Ireland. He actually is bringing this relative back with him. Some sheep named Seamus. This shop is already full of sheep. Why didn't he bring back another llama or 'paca? Maybe he will have to stay here and I will get to go to Kansas. Someone will have to translate for this new sheep and it won't be me.


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