Thursday, May 7, 2009

I am simply ruined

I am begging all of my loyal followers to please not believe what you see or hear about the cruise. I thought we had all agreed that what happened on the ship stayed on the ship. Well, apparently I was wrong. That only applies to the 2 legged speices who were on the cruise. Someone has some, ummm, shall we say compromising pictures of me from the cruise. I can not be held responsible for the content. I am hoping to find out who has them and woooo them with the promise of unlimited yarn ( I am sure Anna will understand - it is for a good cause - ME!!!!!) For those of you who have seen me in the shop with my tag that reads "SILENCE OF THE LAMB" Please know that I am willing to break my silence about what went on if they can get me the orginals of the photographs.

I am gearing up for my next trip. Off to Ireland May 18. Hope to meet some of my ancesterty. I get back from that trip and head for Kansas June 9. I have to go see my immediate family. I miss my mom. I can't wait to tell them the tales of my adventures in the Yarn Shoppe.

Did you know that tomorrow was Anna's birthday? She claims she is 29. I have seen her driver's license and know the TRUTH!!!! Make sure you stop in and wish her Happy Birthday. Bring her a cup cake or something. IF she won't eat them I will.

Saturday is the sale. Anna says I can't plan this one. Worried I will give it all away. She is keeping the details to her self. I suggested she give the percentage off of her age. She threatend to muzzle me. HUMPH!!!! I was only being helpful.

I heard Anna talking about a great weekend event in July. They are having a Christmas in July. There will be classes all day long. I will keep my ears open for more info. Wonder if they will be making my Christmas presents then. I better get my list together.

Tuesday night is going to be a great night. Bring in all the things you have made and we will take pictures of them. Then you can post them on RAVELRY or send them to friends so they can see how talented you are. Anna and the gang will have mannequins to use for your sweaters. It is also Happy Hour so bring your knitting and join us at the table after your pictures are taken.

Did I mention the new yarns? WOW. UH OH Frankie is on the yarn baller I guess the yarns will wait until tomorrow. Maybe I should take her back to Kansas and leave her.....


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  1. CDC Travel Advisory - 5/7/09
    Sheep traveling in Ireland are advised to do so at their own risk as there have been recent reports of unsuspecting sheep being fleeced and returning to the U.S. as sweaters and other items of wearing apparel.
    (Frank would make a fine sweater but we might have to take up a hefty collection to get his fine coat back through Customs:) FOF