Friday, May 22, 2009

Girl time

Percy would not let me on the computer last night. He kept wanting to post instead of me. I told him it was my turn but he would not listen. So when Anna gets here she will find Percy in her office tied to a chair with Blue Heron. Strongest yarn around. She can untie him. Teach that alpaca to mess with a lady. HUMPH!!!!

So, like today is an awesome day to come in and see Anna. The Traveling Knit group will be here from 12-2. Debbie will be teaching her Baby Pancho and Hat from 11-1. That friendship table will be full to the max. They will be bringing in extra chairs. Better get there early.

I saw Anna working on the calendar for next month. It is like totally packed to the max with classes and fun. But there is still lots of fun for this month too. check out the calendar and see for your self.

Since Percy is otherwise, ummm, occupied time to go for a spin.


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