Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend happenings

We got a strange phone call after everyone left last night. Someone offering to sell us pictures from Frank's cruise. Apparently Frank had quite an adventure that he has been hiding from us. Dudes, who knew Frank was such a party sheep. If we don't pay up then this mystery caller will be posting the pics. Better have Anna check our security.

So my favorite Dudettes, did you catch the Entralac class yesterday? Who knew yarn could do that? So totally cool dude!!!!

Today it is a class in keeping your tootsies warm. Come learn how to knit socks. Stripes and solids. They make gifts for birthdays (mine is coming up) and Christmas. Only 214 days left you have to get your shopping done. Time is ticking down Dudettes. Don't wait till the last minute and get knitter's elbow.

Wanna make a really cool gift for Christmas? We have a beginning Dye class next Saturday. Check it out.

Did you hear a certain little female sheep got in trouble for tying me up the other day? don't expect to see your little Frankie on here any time soon. Anna was not happy that she wasted the yarn. So my fave needle and hook users it us just us for a few days.


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