Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hip hopping good time

Let me tell you - those ladies at Happy Hour can put my frat brothers to shame. I thought the guys knew how to have a good time. NO WAY DUDES!!!! Last night at the shoppe it was a knitting BONANZA! I didn't know they could party like that. Dudes it was a way out good time for every body. This 'paca included. Frank never lets me come up front to the table during happy hour. After last night that dude will not keep me away.

I heard that Anna the Fantabulous, has almost got the June calendar ready. There are like so many AWESOME classes and teacher - she almost had to put it on 2 sheet of paper. That is a lot of classes my wonderful DUDETTES!! Wonder if I can sit in on them? But how is a 'paca to use knitting needles? Maybe some sweet Llama will take pity on me and make stuff for me. COOOL idea isn't it?

Don't forget the Entralac class Saturday I know it is filling up fast. The price is great and what a way to get a start on Christmas. It is only 218 days left until Christmas. Better rev up those needles and hooks and get in here for some classes. Amaze your family and catch the Christmas stocking of the month class with Pam. if you start now you can have 6 done by Christmas. Or better yet - keep your mini Dudes warm this winter by catching the workshop class this Sunday and learn to make socks. Man, I am so full of great ideas I totally amaze myself.

Well, Frankie says she gets tomorrow night to post (not if I beat her to it) so till later my wonderful dudettes


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