Friday, March 6, 2009


I am here. I signed a contract with the Yarn Shoppe a month ago to become their mascot and the next thing I know, Anna, the owner makes good on her promise to let me travel. I was whisked away to a wonderful weekend in Reno and I am now lounging around at Disneyland enjoying getting to know Mickey and the gang better.

Anna and her crew are so busy at the Shoppe she hired me to run her blog and keep the good people of Elk Grove and Sacramento up to date on all the happenings. In return, I told her my payment had to be unlimited time to travel. Done Deal! She even was kind enough to book 2 cruises for me to enjoy.

I don't have much time but I wanted to let you in on some up coming classes.

Debbie is starting a Crochet Hat Club. It will meet the first Saturday of the month from 11-1. Hey that means the first class is this week. Sorry I won't be there, I will be riding the Matterhorn. Oh well maybe I can be there next month.

Dena will begin her Mobius Lace Wrap class this coming Tuesday from 4-6. If you haven't seen the display you should check it out.

I hear tell of a special POT OF GOLD Sale coming up as well. Wonder what that is all about. Do you really think Anna will sell a POT OF GOLD?!?! I better get more details before I spill the beans.

OOOPS time to go. Mickey is waiting to show me around. Don't forget to check back tomorrow. Who knows what tidbits I might reveal......

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  1. yo Frank, good hearing from you. Need more details on pot of gold?