Monday, March 30, 2009

What a Sunday

First let me say that I have heard from Percy. Looks like he has had too much fun at the fraternity in Kanas. They even made him an honorary member!!! I will post those pic tomorrow. He is due home soon.

I wanted to tell you about the AMAZING group of knitters that come into the shop the last Sunday of every month. Stitches From the Heart. At first I thought they were making booties for me. I was wrong. "This California-based non-profit distributes tiny knitted blankets and clothing to precious premature infants in hospitals all over the country. Along with their handmade items, they make sure to send along a lot of love, too." Come join this group the last Sunday of the Month from 2-4. They are always at the big table up front. They left a couple pairs of baby booties behind yesterday. Ask to see them.

Did I mention I am headed out this weekend. I am headed for a Mexican Cruise. Frankie will be in charge. I just can't trust Percy. Hopefully you won't come in and hear Madonna on the CD player. And please let me know if you catch her on the ball winder again.

I have to lay the ground rules. Look fro Percy Pics tomrrow. Oh NO it just hit me. The traveling knit group will be here tomorrow from 12-2. I had better go see what yarn fits in my ears to block their laughter.


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