Monday, March 16, 2009

Relish the Quiet

Sorry I didn't post this weekend but I was under the weather. I asked Percy and Francesca to take care of my duties but they were too busy playing with the Cascade 220 to be bothered with the simple things I ask them to do. A sheeps work is never done.

Pam and her Christmas Stocking Class looked like they were having a great time Sunday. Those stockings looked great. Maybe Pam will make and fill one for me. The Rib Top Knit -a-Long is today.

Tomorrow is going to busy and noisy in the shop. Tuesdays always seem to bring lots of people to the shop and tomorrow is going to be worse than ever - in the opinion of this sheep. I can't wait to escapse and head for Phoenix for a few days.

The Pot Of Gold Sale is tomorrow. Don't forget to stop in. Who ever heard of FREE YARN???? But I have made sure one customer will get just that. The other night I put 2 special slips of paper in the pot. One for 75% off and another for 100% off your total. I think Anna may be on to me. I haven't heard any mention of sheep barbers for a couple days. I think she finally listend to reason. I can only hope.

I have talked to Anna and there will be more pictures of finished products here soon. We will also be posting pictures of items that will be featured in classes. Maybe you will find a project to try or a class to take. Maybe you will be challenged to try a new stitch. If there is something you want to see here leave me a message. Or to let Anna know how you feel about making this poor little sheep bald. I feel like I am talking to myself so please leave me messages.


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