Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Traveling knit group

Just when I think it is going to be a quiet day, I got a big surprise. About noon they started showing up. First Cathy, then Julie, then Patti, Jennifer, Ruth, Cindy, and so many others. It was Traveling Knit Group Day. If you haven't heard about this lovely group, let me fill you in.

This is a great, albeit, noisy group of women who pick one day to come to the shop and spend several hours doing what women at the Yarn Shoppe do best. They sit and knit and laugh and talk and knit. Every week it is a different day. They like to keep me guessing. It was good to see Jennifer since I had such a great time with her at Disneyland.

Anna makes it fun to come and meet friends there. The Friendship Table is just that. I have witnessed so many people becoming fast friends while just hanging out.

My friend Percy, the Pink Alpaca, told me he over heard Anna and Peggy discussing something about May and a visit to a sheep barber. What am I going to do? Can someone help me? I like my wool, I don't want to be bare when I travel - I might scare someone. Maybe someone can suggest some place to hide. Maybe once Anna sees the 100% off ticket in the Pot of Gold next week, she will see I am a sheep to be reckoned with and listen to reason. If not I may have to resort to more drastic measures. I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Mark my words I will not go bare to Ireland.

Now where did I put that Cascade Eco? I think it will make a good place to crash tonight.


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