Saturday, March 21, 2009

What a shock

So like this morning I hear something coming from the totally AWESOME discounted yarn. I saw some fleece peeking out and got a shock. Like, there was Frank!!!!! Seems that someone forgot to take him to Phoenix and he wanted to like check out how PErcy did with out him.

It is, like, FER SURE, that Percy has some explaining to do. Frank left him in charge and Percy like, you know, like hits the road. Frank is NOT happy. Frank tried to convince me that he should like take over the reporting tonight but I was like, no way, I want my turn. So Frank is hanging out in Anna's office trying to see what she has coming up. ( I think he was looking for hair cut appts in her calendar. ) He claims he was looking for calming music. Like, WHAT EVER!!!!

So, anyway I got a text message from Percy. He made it to Kansas. He sent me some pics of what he did on the way. Can you believe, he got to hit the slot machines in Vegas? Frank couldn't even do that in Reno.
He even got to meet the pilot of the plane from Vegas to Kansas. He took the time to pose for a picture before take off.

Percy eating pizza in the airport. He said he didn't like the pineapple.

So like tomorrow at the Shoppe is the next class in the custom knit along. Here is what they are working on.It is like going to be amazing. I keep hoping Anna will make one in my size( petite sheep.)

Well Frank like thinks since he is the big brother he can pull rank and take the computer. He is thinking about setting up a Twitter or Facebook account.

Til next time

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  1. Hudson the Knit DogMarch 22, 2009 at 11:32 AM

    I cannot believe you got the pilot to slow down and do a shot, good job!