Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What can i say

Percy called last night. He was a little surprised to find I had been here all weekend. Boy he had some explaining to do.

I can't be too mad. He has had adventures of his own. He has been busy going to classes, volunteering for Youth Aids Week, bowling, playing four square, learning about college life. He was tired of living vicariously thru me. He is hoping for the opportunity to go visit my relatives in Lawrence - I am not sure they will pose for pictures. They tend to avoid the paparazzi.

The Happy Hour Gang was here last night. The projects they were working on were amazing. Cathy started working on a felted flower pot that she will be teaching in April. Anna was working on tops for her daughters for our cruise that is coming up in about a week. wonder if she will have time to make me something stylish before we leave? Several women were in working on their capes from the Custom Knit class. Jimmy was working on a beautiful wrap for someone. He crochets.

I have had my ear to the ground (OK, the office door) and it sounds like Anna has some new things coming up this summer. There will be a dyeing yarn class starting in June. I will let you know when I hear more on that one. It does sound amazing and very fun. Glad Anna didn't catch me at the door - i was trying to make sure she wasn't talking to the shearer. She still thinks I am getting to wooly.

Well, off for a sheep nap before the Traveling Knit group gets here. If I don't get my nap know I won't get it all day.


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