Sunday, March 8, 2009

Back and then off again

Man, when I made this deal with Anna I never thought she could hold true to her part of the deal. I seriously didn't think she could keep me traveling. But true to her word I am out seeing the world. Who would have thought this little sheep from the Heartland would get to see so much of the world just for agreeing to talk about what goes on at the Yarn Shoppe???

I got back today from Disneyland. I can't wait to post my pictures. As soon as my wonderful hostess, Jennifer and her family, get them to me I will get them up. And man the stories I have to tell from my time there.

I talked to Anna this afternoon to see what was on the agenda for me and was I shocked. I get to go on my first overseas trip in May. I am going to Ireland!!!!! Can you believe it? Won't my siblings in Lawrence be jealous? They laughed and said I would be back on the farm in no time. I guess I am proving the wrong.

When I was talking to Anna I could hear so much laughter in the background. The Custom Knits knit along was in full swing. They have started their second project and had show and tell about thier first project this afternoon. Anna said something about pictures but I couldn't really hear over all the laughter. Those ladies know how to have fun. You really should check out the upcoming classes. Anna says she has some great things planned. I may regret wanting to travel so much. I think hanging around the Shop and lounging in some yarn could have some benefits. On second thought NAHHHH. Anna told me I am slated to go to Phoenix in a few days as well as my 2 cruises and then IRELAND!!! Who could ask for more? Don't forget to book my travel for your upcoming trip.

There are so many classes where do I start? don't forget to sign up for Dena's Mobius Lace class this coming Tuesday the 10th. Also on Friday is the Ocean Breeze Scarf Knit Along. Tuesday March 17th is the Pot Of Gold Sale all day. Anna said something about drawing your own peice of gold from the pot. I will make sure there are some good discounts in the pot to draw from. Hey, Anna doesn't need to know everything I do, does she?But that is just between us.


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