Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Percy, Percy, Percy

Percy appears to have been quite the "ladies alpaca" while he was gone. Can you believe how the women flocked to him. Some 'pacas have all the luck!!!!

Here is Percy, after working at the Youth Aids table.

Playing beer pong. Percy swears the water bottle is his.

Topeka was to get 10" of snow. This is what they got. The boys didn't want Percy to miss out on sledding so they did their best to show him a good time

He found the Wicked Witch. He contemplated taking the Ruby Slippers for him self but he heard they weren't his size.

Here is Percy in his "official" Sigma Phi Epsilon Shirt.
So all in all it appears that Percy has had a good time on his adventure. He is making his way back home now.
I bet I have a better time on my cruise next week. We can compare stories on the 'babes" when I get back


  1. Percy, At least you got to go sledding with that much snow! Here in Lawrence, just mere miles to the east of Topeka, there were only a few flakes flying through the air amidst raindrops and sleet. The rain froze on the wires and the branches but not much slickness on the roads (thank goodness!). (By the way, how were the "sledding slopes"? They look pretty flat in the photos!)

    Glad you had a good time in Kansas. Can't fault you for enjoying all the babe watching, you magnet, you! So, were you the "designated driver" for the night or are you just underage since the water bottle was yours?!

  2. Oh! I forgot to add that those ruby slippers are fakes. The real ones live elsewhere. Just so you know. Frat boys and their practical jokes and all. Just saying.

    Love your t-shirt. Did you pledge?