Thursday, April 2, 2009

Still recovering

What a few days it has been. Tuesday the groups just kept coming. There wasn't enough yarn around to muffle the noise of the fun they were having.

First the Traveling Knit Group was there. There was uh discussion about kids picking colleges, kids going into the military, kids and schools, grandkids. Do you see a pattern here? They were admiring the scarves and other projects. There was lots of buzz about upcoming classes and the cruise the end of April.

Then came happy hour. Some stayed right thru from Traveling Knit and were there for Happy Hour. That group knows how to have fun. I tried to hide out back but that didn't even help muffle the giggles from that group. You really should join them. I am looking forward to getting on the cruise Sunday and getting away from all the noise in the Shoppe. I think the cruise will be much quieter.

Can you beleive it is already April? Anna has so many things coming up for everyone at the Shoppe. I have heard that during the summer she has kids classes. The dyeing classes will be starting in May or June.

She was even mentioning to the instrutors that they needed to start thinking about Christmas project classes. Christmas?!?!? It isn't even Summer yet. Can we at least get thru Easter without mention of the jolly fat man?

Today there is a Knit a Long for a beaded scarf. Debbie starts her Crochet Hat club on Monday. You have to check it out. Anna has been ordering special yarn for Debbies upcoming classes and WOW it is cool. Pam will be having her monthly Afghan Sampler class Tuesday night.

Heads up. The store will be closed Easter Sunday, April 12.

I will be gone Saturday until the next Friday. I will be on a Mexican Cruise. I wonder if Anna got me my own cabin. I am hopeful my tux will be back so I can sit at the Captain's Table at least once. I have to remind Anna to pack my swim trunks. You never know who you might meet at the bar by the pool.


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