Thursday, April 23, 2009

My vacation

Here I am calling back to the shoppe to ensure everything is going smoothly.

This is Rachel, Anna's daughter. She took great care of me on the trip.
This is where Anna springs it on me she "forgot" to pack my medicine. That was a big plane and I realized sheep don't fly.

This is a view from our resort before we went on the ship. Great view. Before things got bad.

Here I am sunning my self. How was I to know that my wool would not protect me?
This is my new friend. He gave me quite a scare. But then I startled him as well. He had never seen a sheep on a beach before. Wonder if there is a drink by that name?

This is Maty. After I got sunburned I ran to the water to cool off. She saved me. I don't know how to swim. Plus she was worried I would felt in the water.
Here I am reading Maty Desperaux. It was my way of saying thanks for her great save.
This a picture of our ship. Anna took it. This was when I was laying in my cabin with chills (getting sick on Rachel's luggage - sorry about that)But sunburn and no medicine don't mix.

You know I am sure there is a joke somewhere about a pig, a rabbit and a sheep but I am not sure I am allowed to tell it. I think if Anna finds me before the next cruise, I will stay in my cabin for good measure. It is at least safe there.


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