Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So In Trouble

Like Hi Everyone!!!

I am so going to be in trouble. Percy is due back on Sunday, Frank is cruising and I am supposed to be blogging. I have been having way to much fun in the shop. Friday the UPS person delivered 50 pounds of Berroco Comfort. That is right 50 pounds!!! Do you know how much yarn that is? The new colors are like so totally awesome. It makes a great landing pad for me when I get going to fast on the yarn baller. Frank may like Misty Alpaca but give me Berroco Comfort any day. I know several ladies who are making beautiful shells and T shirts out of it. Gotta love wash and wear.

The Custom Knit group was in on Sunday. They are getting so much done on those capes and have such a great time. I don't know why Frank complains about them. Their laughter and talking is so much fun to listen to.

I haven't heard from Frank. He promised pictures from the trip but I guess he is having too much fun to send them. Probably hanging out by the pool drinking some pink drink with an umbrella in it. I am hear all alone. come see me.

Thursday is the Traveling Knit Group from 12-2. Should be a good time. Tonight is happy hour.Bet those ladies and gentlemen have a good time. The Sampler Afghan also meets tonight. from 6-8

come see me.

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