Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So much to do.....

OK so they won't give me total free reign while they are there but after Dena and Cathy leave I work hard. All they do is knit knit knit - and help customers but I am the one who gets the work done. Last night, I thought the class board needed help so I labeled all the projects. I moved a couple projects so they could be in a better place to view.

I unloaded a new book order - yes it finally came. You have got to check out the book Pints and Purls. There are some awesome projects in there. Percy wants someone to make the beer cozies to send back to his "fraternity brothers" in Kansas. There was also a great book on Prayer Shawls, Anna got in 2 copies of Wendy Bernards Custom Knits. That is such a HOT book. Better grab a copy fast. That is the book teh Custom Knits group on Sunday uses. They are starting a new project this week. totally come check it out.

So Like yesterday we also got in a box of Trendsetter Tonilita. Dena wouldn't let me put it away. Something about not knowing how to put it into inventory. I personally think she wanted to keep it for herself. She kept taking it out of the box and showing people. There are some really neat colors. Come in and check it out. Maybe you can get it away from her.

Several people were looking at the class for the Debbie Bliss Bag. Pam is teaching it May 9th. It is such a summer purse. I wonder if there are handles in my size. Make sure you get signed up before it runs out of room.

Time for a quick spin on the yarn baller before the task masters get here.


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