Saturday, April 25, 2009

WHO DID IT?!?!?!

I wanna know who sold me out!!!! Who told Anna where I was hiding? I thought I blended in so well with the green chunky yarn that she would never ever find me. She says it was the sneeze that gave me away. I don't think so. My sneezes are very danity and quiet. I think someone saw me and gave me away. I don't think Anna had a reward out for me so I don't know why anyone would do it.

I guess my goose is cooked. I am going on the cruise. Anna said something about sucking it up and taking it like a sheep. FINE!!! I will go but I WON'T have fun. She can't make me. I will stay in my cabin and plot. I have a great idea for a new sale for Mother's Day. This will give me time to get it all figured out. When will Anna learn not to mess with me. I am smarter than the average sheep you know.

Have you seen the May calendar. It is on the website. There are some great classes. May 8 Debbie will be having a crochet baby poncho and hat class. May 9th there is a Debbie Bliss bag class

May 12 there is something new. If you bring your finished projects into the shop from 6-8, the staff will take pictures of them and email them to you. Then you can post them on Ravelry or send them to your friends. That also happens to be during Happy Hour so it is a great time to stop in anyway.

Anna is teaching an Entralac scarf class on May 23. And Cathy will be having her first beginning Dyeing Class May 30. There is so much more to tell you about but my hoofs are getting tired.

See you when I get back. Anna better remember the Dramamine.


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