Monday, April 27, 2009


Like he is gone again and I rule the roost. Ignore the alpaca in the corner. I am the queen of the Yarn Shoppe. I can do what I want stay up as late as I want. Heck with the shortened hours this week I can sleep as late as I want. Everyone went on the cruise so Anna shortened the hours. This gives me more time to play. Yeah, Dena and Cathy are here to keep me in line but give them Hibiscus Lemonade and I think I can get them to leave me to do what I want.

Frank said he would be calling me from the ship to check up on things. Hope he doesn't get caught using Anna's credit card. She would not be happy to see those charges on her bill. Maybe if he does get caught Anna will leave me in charge and I can go to Ireland instead. May have to tell her to keep an eye on her credit card bill when she gets back. After all she does trust me - I told her there was something suspicious in the green yarn the other day.....


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