Saturday, April 18, 2009

back to routine

Do you realize by the time April is over, I will have been on a ship for 13 days? I don't think many sheep have such great sea legs.

I can't believe it. Anna's kids were in the store telling more about our trip. I thought they were my friends. They were telling about how I got sick all over someone's luggage and how the taxi driver didn't understand that I really could fit in the taxi to get to the beach. (he made me follow behind the taxi) How embarassing. I promise everyone I will not get off the ship at all next time around. Just isn't worth the hassle. I will stay on deck and enjoy fun drinks that come in pineapples with little umbrellas. I think that is more my speed.

Boy did I miss a lot while I was gone. I can't believe all the new yarns that came in. The store looks like a rainbow with all the new Berroco colors. 50 pounds of yarn is lots of color. There were some new Cascade 22o Tweeds. There is a shipment of books due any minute. Supposedly some great titles with awesome patterns. Anna says it is never to late to start thinking about Christmas presents. I better start my list to Santa then.

The first dyeing class is schulded for May 30th. There is a limit of 10 people for the class so hurry and sign up. Anna is also working on a designer book signing as well as a couple trunk shows. Why would you want to look at peoples trunks? Maybe she is bringing in elephants with really large trunks. I don't understand that.

The instructors are really having fun planning projects for the summer classes. Those ladies are so talented. The calendar should be up any day. There is a Drop stitch scarf class for May 16. I personally know there will be a sale in May. I am planning it. Anna will learn who is really in charge around here.


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