Thursday, April 16, 2009

So you want to see the world?

A few months ago, a very nice lady invited me to be her yarn stores mascot. In exchange, I would travel with customers and see the world. I loved Reno, adored Disney BUT I will never ever cruise with Anna Starr again!!!!! I know she beat me to the punch and told HER side of the story. Now let me tell you the TRUTH. Personally, I think after you hear this story you will agree she took me on this trip just to mess up my coat so I would agree to get sheared before Ireland. WELL, that will never happen.

Anna was in charge of packing my suitcase and she conveniently forgot several very important items that all sheep need when going on a Mexican Cruise. Imagine not packing sheep "happy pills" How am I to fly? Anna conveniently forgets to mention that I will not have my motion sickness medicine for the entire flight. WHAT!!!!!! a week on water. Did she ever notice that sheep tend to prefer being on solid ground? So, I manage to make do on the flights with only Sprite to keep me going.

The ship was great at first. The send off party was wonderful. I knew this was going to be great. In a pinch, I was sure the ship had a veterinarian who would be able to help me with motion sickness.

Do you know how humid it is in Mexico? It is worse than any day in Kansas. I ask Anna for my brush because I was worried about matting of my coat and I wanted to look good on the beach. Guess what else Anna forgot? Yup you guessed it. My brush. She told me that in her rush to pack it just got misplaced. (I know the truth - she wanted my fur to mat so I would consent to the shearer) I was to have dinner at the Captains table but I couldn't show my face, let alone my coat in public so I sent my deepest apologies. It would have been humiliating to show up looking like I did.

So the next day we arrived at St. Thomas. The whole family decided to head to the beach. Anna says I forgot to put my sunscreen on. Hello - who was in charge of packing my suitcase? Plus the ship didn't have any with a high enough SPF to protect my skin. I didn't want to disappoint anyone so I put on a happy face and went anyway. Did you know beaches are made of sand. So not only was I matted and sunburned, I brought back have of the Mexican beach sand in my coat.

Later I started to feel ill. Turns out I had sun poisoning because of not not wearing sunblock. I got stuck in the cabin. I didn't get to do anything else the whole trip. Can you believe the ship did not have a vet? The people doc did the best he could. He managed to find Ann a brush and she tried to brush my wool. But it hurt so I wouldn't let her.

Anna keeps telling me the next cruise won't be so bad. Supposedly it won't be so humid. She says it will be even better if I allow her to get me sheared before we go. Not on her life will I get sheared. As soon as this sun burn is gone Frankie and Percy will be brushing me to full fluff.

Just remember dear readers - revenge is sweet and I will get even. But how can I top a free yarn sale? Give me your ideas. Together we can make Anna re think her decisions.

I will talk to Frankie and Percy to catch up on what is coming up aroudn here and let you know.


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