Friday, April 10, 2009

Out of the loop

For someone who is supposed to be In The Loop about the goings on in Yarn Shoppe. SOMEONE left me out of the news about tomorrow. Guess what!!!!There is a SALE!!!! Everything is 10% off. All Sale items will be 35% off. In The Loop Members get an additional 10% off their purchase. This is, like totally, embarassing. I am supposed to let you know what is going on and somebody forgot to give me the memo. Heads will roll I tell ya, Heads will roll. Do I sound like I am in charge? Well I am until Frank gets back next week.

And speaking of Frank. Can you believe no pictures, no phone calls (so what if ship to shore is 15.00 a minute) doesn't his little sister deserve a call. He better bring me something good.

The shop was hopping today. I guess that is a good thing this close to Easter. You know, HOPPING!!! There was a group of women in there tonight who know how to have a good time. The wine, the beer, the knitting. the laughing, the talking, the whole evening was great.

Well since the place will be busy tomorrow with all the sale shoppers I better hit the yarn and get some sleep.

See ya tomorrow,


PS ASK about becoming an IN THE LOOP MEMBER if you aren't already.

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