Wednesday, April 22, 2009

When will she learn?

Remember how I mentioned I had gone into hiding? I don't think Anna realizes I am gone yet. I was hiding in the bulky yarns and over heard a conversation between Anna, Cathy and Dena. Anna was complaining about my post. You know the one where I told the TRUTH about the cruise. She was going on and on about how she was not responsible for packing for me. That she had her own packing to do as well as her 3 kids. How could she possibly be responsible for packing for a sheep. She said it was not her fault I didn't have sunscreen or my motion sickness medicine. "She is not my mother"

She had enough to do and I should admit responsiblity for my mistake and not lay the blame on her. WELL!!!!! She also said I was going on this next cruise whether I liked it or not. My passage had been paid for and people were expecting me to be there. It was in my contract to be there and to be polite. She has to find me first. If she thinks being a mom is tough she should try being a sheep. I think I have an idea for a sale. Let me think a little more.

I also overheard plans for bringing in some cool designers as well as something more about Christmas in July. It sounds fun. Classes everyday to get everyone in the spirit of making Christmas gifts. Wonder what I will teach?

Did you hear for 3 weeks this summer there will be kids in here learning to knit? For 2 hours every morning laughing, smiling kids interuppting my sleep. What is Anna thinking? If I wasn't in hiding I would talk to her and have her rethink her plans.

Well, bust burrow in. If you see me, don't give away my hiding place.


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