Friday, March 20, 2009


So, like, this morning I woke and found a text message. It like said - Francesca: gone 2 KS. Back in a week.

I thought Percy was kidding. Like, who would want to go to Kansas? I am from there and I can tell him what is there. Tornadoes and Jayhawks. He won't find a yellow brick road or Toto.

So anyway, it appears that PErcy has decided to go on his own adventure and, like, see the world (or at least Kansas). He was to take care of Frank's blog. So that means I have to do it. Men, Can't count on them. Have to leave it to a woman. But, like, if anyone can do it, it is me.

So ya know, introductions are in order. Like, I am Francesca, Frank's little sister. Percy is to watch me when Frank is gone. So I guess I am minding the store now. WOOOHOOO, No more Michael Buble or Nora Jones. Let's have some Early Madonna and Cindy Lauper. This sheep just wants to have fun.

Anna taught this really cool class last night. She made a cool green scarf that was made of silk and put fur in it. I need one. Wonder since I am the good sheep, and haven't run off if she will make me one.

Sunday it the Custom Knits Knit Along. Those capes are,like,amazing. I could like totally use one of those in my closet.

Debbie has lots of Learn to Crochet classes coming up. I wonder if I can get her to make me one of those hats (in sheep size of course)

I can't wait for Dena's class Friday. Like, she has this totally awesome class that meets once a month. It is called "Just for EWE" Every month she has a totally cool simple knit project that EWE can keep for EWE or give as a gift.

Well I guess I better break the news to Anna - she is down to me.


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