Friday, March 13, 2009

No one around

The Shoppe was strangely quiet last night. They locked the doors at 6 so this sheep had time to investigate. Gotta find the calendar and see what I can do about this sheep shearing adventure Anna seems to have set for me. I couldn't find it anywhere but I did find the Pot of Gold filled with all the discounts for the sale on Tuesday March 17. I snuck in my two "special" discounts. I hope someone gets a picture of Anna's face when she realizes something is amiss.

I did manage to find the April calendar. The teacher's Anna hires are amazing in what they are working on for classes. I did find out I am headed to Mexico April 4th for a week. Then Anna has graciously agreed that I should go on the knitting cruise later that month. At least she is living up to that part of the agreement. I have looked at my contract and there is NOTHING, I REPEAT NOTHING about getting sheared. Maybe I better check the fine print.

I am glad I am headed to Phoenix next week. There are so many classes scheduled that this little sheep would not get a moments rest. Monday there is the Knit Rib Top knit along, Tuesday will be so noisy, that is the day of the sale as well as the Traveling Knit Group, Happy Hour and a class for knitting a boutique hats. Wed people will be learning how to knit an Angora Baby Hat. That is just the beginning of the week. I am intrigued by Thursday's class. Who ever heard of a Fur and Silk Scarf? Is wool considered fur? I hope not then there will be more people who want me sheared. I really must find out more about this class.

UHOH I hear Anna coming in. Better put things back like she left them. I will let you know what I find out about the Fur and Silk Scarf class.


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