Monday, January 4, 2010

She's Got it Now . . . . .

Manos was inspired to take a class and learn to knit. She finishes her first class and her first scarf. (See pic! Great scarf!) We'd of thought she would tackle another scarf but NNNNNOOOOO!

Manos decides she should be doing her "first garment" (like your first mountain, first investment, first love, first race, wait?!), not a first garment, doesn't she know . . . . . we have a ten scarf, 2 vest, 3 shawl pre-first garment requirement . . . . .

Nope, She's got it Now! . . . . . she have the nerves of steel and have the inspirational instructor who can bring her to "garment" . . .. who'd of thought, she was beginning and eager and had the will to win . . . . . her second project is a Garment.

Wow, if you know someone who needs this step, join Dianna at her "Beginner's 1st Top Down" class on Sat the 9th and Sat. the 30th. Yep, it is in fact that inspirational. We are waiting to see this one on Jan. "Show It Off". (a collection of all our FO's, fresh off the needles, that we want to share).

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